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How to know if you need a new phone

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How often should you get a new phone? It's an important question that may run through your mind every time Apple® or Samsung® releases a new device—especially if cool new features are available. Don't worry, we'll walk you through what to consider.

At Asurion, we help people with their tech every day—whether your phone is running slower than usual or your Xbox® controller won't stay on. Here's our guide to when to buy a new phone—and when to repair the one you have.

Should you repair or replace your phone?

You can usually keep your device for 3 years—sometimes even longer if you take good care of your phone. Along the way, however, you may encounter some problems that make you wonder, do I need a new phone?

Here are some issues we often see and suggestions for what to do next.

Your battery drains quickly

If your phone loses power too fast or it dies soon after it's fully charged, try replacing the battery. This is a simple, inexpensive fix (typically about $50–$70) and most likely means you don't need to replace your phone right away.

For more information, check out these tips for improving your iPhone's battery life and minimizing Android™ battery drain.

Your phone randomly shuts down or reboots

Bad news—if your phone has this problem, you may have malware. Good news—we created a guide on how to check to see if your phone was infected and how to secure it from hackers.

If you don't have malware, your phone may simply be worn out, causing it to shut down. And that means it's time for an upgrade.

Callers can't hear you

If you've got a good connection, but callers say the sound keeps cutting out, your microphone may be broken. A smartphone repair expert can check this for you and let you know how much it costs to fix. If the repair costs half as much or more than a new phone, consider getting a new one—especially if your phone is more than 2 years old.

Your phone doesn't support VoLTE

VoLTE® (Voice over Long-Term Evolution), is a technology for transmitting voices over newer networks (later than 3G).

To find out whether your phone supports VoLTE—and most new phones do—go to your connection settings or the cellular data options on your device and check for a VoLTE setting. If there is one, turn it on.

If you don't have VoLTE, consider buying a new phone as many carriers have dropped or will soon drop support for devices using older networks.

You can't update to the latest operating system

If you have an older phone, it may not be compatible with the latest operating system, which means your apps won't work properly and you're missing out on important security updates. If that's the case, it's time to replace your phone.

Your touch screen is malfunctioning

If you find yourself swiping or tapping your touch screen repeatedly to make it work, the sensors in your device are probably broken and you'll need to get your phone repaired. If it's a costly fix, consider getting a new device.

Your phone needs more storage

If your phone is running slowly or if you've been getting the “Phone storage is full" notification, a quick fix may be to delete some apps, photos, or videos. See our step-by-step guide on how to free up storage space on your phone.

Your camera isn't working properly

The cameras on newer phones like the iPhone® 13 and the Samsung Galaxy® S22 rival the best digital cameras on the market. If pictures on your camera phone are grainy or the colors look faded, it's probably time to replace your device.

If your want to get more life out of your old phone, we can help. Stop by your nearest uBreakiFix® by Asurion store for a free device checkup by a smartphone expert.

If you decide to go down the path of a new phone, make sure it's protected. For more than 25 years, Asurion has helped 300 million customers protect, connect, and enjoy the tech they love most. Learn more about Asurion phone insurance plans today.

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