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Steps to prepare your product for Asurion home tech repair

If your TV, computer, tablet, smart device, or gaming console isn't working properly and you need an Asurion home tech repair, there are a few things you'll need to do before we can start your repair or process your claim.  

Don't worry—the steps are simple. We’ll walk you through them.

Back up your device, if applicable 

We highly recommend backing up the data (photos, apps, games, contacts, etc.) on your device before you get it repaired. Why? You may lose your data if: 

  • We need to reinstall your operating system. 
  • We need to replace a component like your computer's motherboard. 
  • We need to replace your device. 
  • We can't repair your device (you'll be reimbursed for it) and you don't get it back. 

To learn how to back up your data, check out our guides: 

Once you’ve backed up your device, you can optionally factory reset it to protect your data. 

Turn off all locks and passcodes, if applicable 

Our experts can only repair your device—and this is crucial—if you've unlocked it. There are a few ways to do so: 

  • Turn off your password. Removing your password is the easiest way to give us access to your device, but there are other options outlined below.  
  • Share your password. Changing—then sharing—your password gives us quick access to your device to run tests for repair. NOTE: Experts always shred paperwork that includes passwords. 
  • Create a new login/account just for us. This is the most secure option. It allows you to keep your own login and password information but give our experts—and only our experts—access to your device for repair. Make the username “Asurion" and the password “Asurion 123"—and enclose your login info when you ship your product to us. Also, make sure this login has admin access. 

Want to know more? Read these articles for how to remove or change your password on your device: 

Turn off Find My on your Apple® device 

Our experts can only complete your repair if you've turned off Find My™ on your Apple® device before you send it in. 

Not sure how? See our guides to turn off Find My: 

Remove any accessories 

When you send in your device for repair, don't forget to remove all accessories such as cases, chargers, remote controls, and styluses; we can't promise to return them when you get your device back. 

More helpful tips for your Asurion home tech repair 

Here are a few more things to do to make sure your device is ready for repair. 

Find your model and serial numbers 

Before you send your device to us, make note of the model and serial numbers, which you'll enter on your claim. These numbers help us accurately identify the device, diagnose the problem, find parts, and take next steps to get it fixed and back to you. 

How to find your serial and model numbers 

For TV claims, measure your TV 

Before we can fix your TV, we need to know its size. If you have a larger TV, we will need to repair it in your home. For a smaller TV, we'll send you a package to ship it to us in. 

Here are two ways to get your TV's measurements: 

  1. Find the measurements on the manufacturer's website or on the product receipt or box, if you still have them. 
  2. Use a tape measure to measure your TV diagonally—start from the top-left corner of the screen and extend it to the bottom-right corner. Only measure the screen itself, not the frame surrounding the screen's outer edges. 

When you’re ready to file a home tech repair claim, visit If you’re not sure what repairs your protection plan covers, check your contract for details. 

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