November 11th, 2020

How to turn off Find My iPhone

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Turn off Find My iPhone via iCloud Asurion

It’s easy to picture. You’re trying to get out the door, so you grab your keys and wallet—but when you go to find your iPhone, it’s not where you left it. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you doubt where you think you saw it last. 

If your phone is ever lost, damaged or stolen—and you have an Asurion mobile protection plan—we can help by sending you a replacement as soon as the next day.  

Before you start using it, however, you’ll have to turn in your old device. And there are a few things you need to do to make sure it’s good to go according to the terms and conditions of your plan. Among them: Turn off the Find My iPhone feature.  

Asurion Experts are here to walk you through what Find My iPhone does and how to deactivate it. 

What’s Find My iPhone? 

It's a feature that helps you track down missing Apple® devices—from iPhones and AirPods® to laptops and smartwatches—even when they’re offline.  

If you do misplace one of these devices, there are several ways you can find or protect it. Choose from playing a sound, turning on Lost Mode—which locks the device remotely and indicates that you’re looking for it—or erasing your data if you think you won’t retrieve it.  

There’s also a tool called Activation Lock, which prevents thieves from accessing your device or deleting your data, so long as they don’t have your Apple ID and Apple ID password.  

Now that you understand how the feature works, let’s get started on how to turn it off before you return your device. There are a couple of ways to do so. Choose the option that works best for you.  

How to turn off Find My iPhone on iCloud 

Through iCloud, you have a permanent link to your device that only you can undo. Here’s how: 

  1. Make sure your device is turned off. 
  2. Go to on your computer and enter your Apple ID and password. 
  3. Click All Devices on the Find My iPhone screen, then click on the device that needs to be returned to Asurion. 
  4. Click Remove from Account. If you don’t see this option, click the x to the right of the device in the All Devices menu. 

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How to turn off Find My iPhone on your phone 

The Find My app makes it easy. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Find My > Find My iPhone
  2. Tap to turn it on or off. 

Another option is signing out of iCloud completely, but this will affect all your iCloud features, not just Find My iPhone. 

  1. Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Sign Out
  2. Enter your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off
  3. When asked to keep a copy of your data on the phone, don’t select any of the options and tap Sign Out

What if I already returned my iPhone to Asurion? 

If you sent back your device without turning off Find My iPhone, it’s OK. There’s still an easy way to disable the Activation Lock.  

  1. Go to on your computer or laptop. 
  2. Click All Devices, then click on the device you returned to Asurion and want to erase. 
  3. Click Erase [device]. Since your phone isn’t lost, do not enter a phone number or message. 
  4. If your device is offline, this step will begin when it returns online. You’ll receive an email when the remote erase is complete. 
  5. Click Remove from Account once the device is erased. 

Easy, right? 

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