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Are there doorbell cameras that work without Wi-Fi?

Non WiFi Doorbell camera

Doorbell cameras let you monitor activity around your front door from anywhere. Most models connect to Wi-Fi to provide live video via your mobile device and store footage in the cloud. But you may be wondering, is there a doorbell camera that works without Wi-Fi? The answer is yes. We’ll help you decide if this option is right for you. 

Asurion Experts help you choose the best tech for your family, whether you’re looking for the best smart devices to protect your home while you’re away or the best smart gadgets for your new home. Here’s everything you need to know about doorbell cameras without Wi-Fi. 

Why would you use a doorbell camera without Wi-Fi?

Many video doorbell cameras work by connecting to Wi-Fi. But if you don’t have reliable Wi-Fi, you don’t want to use cloud storage, or you’re worried about hackers getting into your network, you may want to skip the internet connection. Here are a few benefits of using a doorbell camera without Wi-Fi:


If you don’t have Wi-Fi at your home or if your internet access is spotty, a doorbell camera that doesn’t connect to the internet is a good way to make sure your home is monitored without interruption. 


It’s rare, but any device connected to the internet can be hacked, including doorbell cameras. Choose a model that doesn’t use Wi-Fi to eliminate that worry.


A non-Wi-Fi doorbell camera doesn’t transmit data over the internet or store your videos in the cloud where someone with unauthorized access could possibly see them. 


Wi-Fi-free doorbell cameras can be easier to set up than models requiring an internet connection. 

Types of non-Wi-Fi doorbell cameras

There are several types of doorbell cameras that don’t require Wi-Fi. Here are a few to consider: 

Cellular-connected doorbell cameras

These cameras use cellular networks instead of Wi-Fi to transmit video footage. You’re still transmitting data, but if your cell service is more reliable than your internet service, this is a good choice. 

Doorbell cameras with built-in storage

If you prefer to manually review your video footage, rather than connect to Wi-Fi to do so, a doorbell camera with a local storage feature, like an internal memory card, would work for you.

Cameras connected with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

If your home has ethernet connections—plug-in wired internet —you’ll be able to use all the internet-dependent features on your doorbell camera, like two-way audio, without connecting to Wi-Fi. 

Downsides of a doorbell camera without Wi-Fi 

You can use a doorbell camera that doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, but keep in mind that there are some advanced features that may not work as well or that you’ll have to live without. Here are some possible downsides to setting up a non-Wi-Fi doorbell camera: 

  • Limited storage. Local storage runs out of space more quickly than the cloud. 
  • Risk of loss. If your device is damaged or stolen and you’re using local storage, your videos will be lost. 
  • Additional costs. Using a cellular connection can be much more costly than connecting with Wi-Fi. 
  • Remote access. If your storage is local, you won’t be able to monitor your live video feed through a smartphone app if you’re away from home.
  • Lack of connection. Without a Wi-Fi connection, you won't be able to connect your doorbell to your other smart home devices or receive real-time notifications for motion detection to your phone if there is an issue.

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