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How to turn off Always On Display on your Android device

Android with Always On Display

Fast fix 

  1. Open Settings > Lock screen and AOD > Always On Display
  2. Slide the switch to the left (gray) to turn it off. 

With the Always On Display feature on many Android™ phone models, you can see the time, date, notifications, missed calls and messages, and more, even when your phone screen is locked. But this handy feature is also a battery drain. Want to turn it off? We’ll show you how. 

Asurion Experts answer all your tech questions, whether you need to replace your phone battery or want to pin apps on your Android phone. Here’s our guide on how to turn off the Android Always On Display. 

Why would you want to turn off the Always On Display?

As cool as your Always On Display can be—you can customize your clock style and face widgets and even add stickers and pin text to your Android screen—you may find the feature distracting. Or, maybe you don’t want others to see what’s happening on your Lock Screen. Plus, when your screen is constantly lit it drains your battery life. Good news: it’s easy to turn it off. 

Turning off the Always On Display for Android

Follow these simple steps to turn off the Always On Display option on your Android. The steps may vary depending on your device model:

  1. Open Settings > Lock screen and AOD > Always On Display
  2. Slide the switch to the left (gray) to turn it off. 

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