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Family using tech devices in living room

Premium tech support for your connected home

Home Device Advisor offers unlimited premium tech support to help with your connected home tech for just $15/mo plus taxes.

Verizon Tech Coach expert

Home Device Advisor benefits


24/7 access to experts who can answer virtually any tech question about your covered home entertainment and smart home products via app, web, chat or phone.


Download the Tech Coach app for quick, easy access to live, on-demand experts anytime to help resolve your tech issues.

Verizon Tech Coach expert installing television

In-home support and device installations


Two in-home visits per 12-month period from our trusted experts to help you configure, set up and optimize smart products, or choose the best Wi-Fi devices for your home.*


Need help installing your TVs, home security cameras, smart doorbells and more?**

Get support for your connected home technology today.

Call 800-837-4966 or add Home Device Advisor through the MyVerizon app.

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Answers to our most frequently asked questions

Why do I need Home Device Advisor?

What features are included with Home Device Advisor?

How do I sign up for Home Device Advisor?

How do I reach an expert?

When are experts available?

How many times can I call experts each week?

Besides instant access to experts, does the app do anything else?

What will the experts do during an in-home visit?

What kind of installations do you offer?

When will installations be offered in my city?

What will my installation appointment look like?

Do I need to provide my own mounting bracket for installs?

During my appointment, can I add additional product installs?

Will an expert confirm my installation after I’ve booked an appointment?

What if I need to reschedule an existing appointment?

When are installation appointments available?

Home Device Advisor Terms of Service – Wireless

Home Device Advisor Terms of Service – FiOS

*Limitations and exclusions apply. See Home Device Advisor Technical Terms of Support for details.

**Installations are available in select locations and for select products, which are subject to change at any time. Product must be new or fully functioning at the time of installation, and wi-fi access must be available for certain products to be installed. Availability of installation services is contingent on certain criteria, including product type, customer location and appointment/technician availability. Verizon confidential and proprietary. Unauthorized disclosure, reproduction or other use prohibited.