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man recycling device at Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions

Recycling made simple

Not sure what to do with your old, unwanted tech? Dust it off, and bring it in—we’ll safely recycle it for you.

recycled electronic devices

Eco-conscious and convenient

The technology we love takes a toll on the world around us, especially if it becomes harmful e-waste when we’re done with it. That’s why we make it safe and easy to recycle unwanted phones, cords, computers, and more. Bring them to your local uBreakiFix® by Asurion store—our experts will remove your data and dispose of your devices responsibly.

Recycling provided by Samsung Re+

Partnering for a cause

We’ve teamed up with Samsung® to provide our customers with a responsible way to get rid of their old tech. Drop off eligible devices of any make or model at your local store, and we’ll route them to a Samsung-authorized recycling partner, where they’ll be refurbished or processed into raw materials for reuse. Learn more about Samsung’s broader recycling efforts.

Here are a few of the devices we can recycle for you:

Recycle - Cell phones

Cell phones

Recycle - Tablets


Recycle - Desktop PCs

Desktop PCs

Recycle - Laptops


Recycle - External monitors

External monitors

Recycle - Printers


Recycle - Mice


Recycle - Keyboards


Recycle - Home theater systems
and soundbars (38” max)

Home theater systems 
and soundbars (38” max)

Recycle - Bluetooth® and smart  speakers

Bluetooth® and smart speakers

Recycle - Game consoles and accessories

Game consoles and accessories

Recycle - VR headsets

VR headsets

Recycle - Wearables


Recycle - MP3 players

MP3 players

Recycle - DVD/Blu-ray players

DVD/Blu-ray players

Recycle - Wires, cables, chargers

Wires, cables, chargers

✓ Accepted Devices

✗ Unaccepted devices

broken phone transformed by repair and refurbishment

Love the one you’re with

We all love the latest tech, but the most sustainable device is the one you have.

More than 80% of a smartphone’s carbon footprint comes from making it. So the more often they’re replaced, the greater their environmental impact.*

customer recycling device at Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions

Want to join us?

You can make a difference today by recycling your unwanted devices at a uBreakiFix® by Asurion store near you.