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5 ways to make your phone battery last longer

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We've all been there—you're out and about, relying on your phone to keep you connected, and suddenly, you notice the battery is draining at an alarming rate. It's a common scenario that can lead to many inconveniences and problems.

Our experts at uBreakiFix® by Asurion have the know-how to tackle any tech issue. From fixing a broken iPhone® speaker to showing you how to block ‘scam likely’ calls—we’ve got you covered. Here are five useful tips to extend your phone’s battery life so it will be powered up when you need it most.

Common reasons for phone battery draining quickly

Our phones keep us connected and productive throughout the day. However, the constant use of apps, calls, and internet browsing can quickly drain your battery. 

A phone battery that drains too quickly not only disrupts your routine but can also be a sign of underlying issues. Some common reasons your battery isn’t lasting as long as it should are:

  • Battery age and health. Batteries naturally degrade over time, affecting their ability to hold a charge.
  • Outdated software. Running outdated software can lead to inefficient battery use.
  • Screen brightness. High screen brightness settings can consume significant battery power.
  • Extreme temperatures. Both hot and cold temperatures can impact battery performance.
  • Incorrect battery calibration. Sometimes, the battery needs recalibration to display charge levels accurately.

Ways to make your phone battery last longer

From quick setting changes to battery replacement, we’ve got a few things you can try to extend your battery life. 

1. Adjust screen settings

The brighter the phone, the more energy it pulls from your battery. Lowering screen brightness and using auto-brightness can conserve battery and help you avoid the chances of your phone overheating.

2. Use Wi-Fi over cellular data

Connecting to Wi-Fi, if available, rather than using cellular data can reduce battery drain. An added perk is that your phone might have access to faster internet speeds over Wi-Fi than it typically would with cellular data. 

3. Limit connectivity features

Maximize your battery further by limiting your connectivity features. When your phone isn’t in use, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS to help save battery. You can control these settings as you go or turn them off to stretch your low battery until you can get to a charger. 

4. Mind the temperature

Avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures to maintain battery health. That means being mindful when spending the day poolside with your phone

5. Update your phone regularly

Regular software updates can optimize battery performance. Use our guides on updating your iPhone and Android™ device to help you get the most out of your battery. 

Need a battery replacement?

If your phone battery continues to drain quickly despite following these tips, it might be time for a replacement.

Need help discerning the signs of iPhone battery failure or Android battery failure? We’ve got that covered, too.

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