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It's back to school time—is your tech ready?

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It's that time of year again, and your kids are headed back to school. New shoes? Check. New clothes? Check. New backpack? Check. They look sharp like a number 2 pencil.

But if their phone screen is cracked, their laptop is sluggish, or their tablet battery is dead, they aren't exactly prepared. That's where we come in.

At Asurion, we take care of you and your favorite tech. Here's our back-to-school guide for your child's tech gadgets so they can be prepared before the bus arrives.

Back up your data

Backing up your kid's data is key—especially for the start of a new school year. Doing so will keep their personal information safe in case the worst happens. And if you clear out photos, videos, and other large files—either by backing up or deleting them—there'll be room for all your kid's new assignments.

To learn more, see our guides for how to back up data on your smartphoneMacBook® or Windows™ laptop, or tablet.

Clean your devices

Want your child to start the school year with a clean slate? Start by making sure their tech is sparkling and sanitized.

Over time, dust and debris can build up and damage your devices, so it's important to carefully, and regularly, clean them.

  • For screens and surfaces, use a microfiber cloth and a 50/50 solution of water and alcohol.
  • For keyboards and ports, use compressed air.

You may also want to consider a deep-clean of all the ports and many crevices where Flamin' Hot Cheetos® crumbs and dirt can linger. Doing so will help boost performance and keep the device running as it should for longer—learn more about professional tech cleaning.

Update your software

Before that first class starts, make sure to install any available software updates for all your child's devices. These updates will fix software bugs, add security improvements, and keep their tech working at its best.

To learn more, check out our guides for how to update an Android™ phone or update your iPhone®. Need a hand updating your other devices? We've got you covered:

PC laptop running Windows:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates.


Click the Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update.

In addition to software updates, cleaning up files, unused apps, cookies and other stuff that accumulates on a computer can lead to a major impact on speed. Learn about laptop tune-up services to boost performance and keep your child from having to deal with a slow computer.

Android tablet:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Software update, or System updates.
  3. Tap Check for software updates.


Tap Settings > General > Software Update. If updates are available, follow the onscreen directions to install them.

Fix a cracked screen

A broken screen can injure your child or damage the internal components of your devices if you don't fix it right away. Tiny scratches in the corner can quickly spread to become bigger problems.

We don't recommend trying to repair it yourself. So-called quick DIY fixes like toothpaste and clear nail polish don't work. Plus, you may void your warranty. Instead, bring your device to one of our stores and we'll fix your phone's cracked screen quickly and for as low as $79. And if you're interested in preventing cracks, check out our guide to choosing the right screen protector.

Inspect your chargers and accessories

You'll want to send your child to school with devices charged and ready to go, so check that their chargers and accessories are in good shape. Look for wear and tear, like bends or fraying in your charging cables, and replace them if necessary.

We recommend using only approved accessories—not off-brand, cheaper chargers that could damage your device.

Check your batteries

Tech only works as well as its power source, so it's important to check the battery health of all your kid's tech—especially their laptop or tablet—before they head to school.

You may need a new battery if:

  • Your battery is draining quickly after being fully charged.
  • Your battery won't hold a charge when your device is unplugged.
  • A battery takes a lot longer to charge than it used to.

The good news? When your gadgets get glitchy, you often just need to replace the battery, which costs a lot less than buying a new device. Learn more about quick and easy battery replacements for your child's laptop, tablet and phone.

Even under the best circumstances, if they're using their devices a lot throughout the school day, their batteries will probably drain before the final bell rings. Consider investing in a portable battery charger or power bank for your child to bring to class.

Secure your child's devices

Back-to-school time is a great opportunity to review online security tips with your child.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Never share passwords or personal information, like their name, birthdate, or address online.
  • Check that they are using strong passwords (at least 12 characters long and including a random combination of upper- and lower-case letters as well as numbers and symbols).
  • Use a password-protected, secure Wi-Fi network and VPN whenever possible.

If you'd like more tips on how to create a safe internet environment for your kids, check out our guide to the best parental control apps.

Make sure your child's tech is protected from mishaps

Protect the devices your family loves and relies on with one simple plan. With Asurion Home+®, we cover your computers, TVs, tablets, premium headphones, smart devices, and so much more—plus, 24/7 live support for your tech care needs—for less than $1 per day. Learn more about Asurion Home+® coverage and how you can get peace-of-mind electronics protection.

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