How to Take the Perfect Food Photo

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How to Take the Perfect Food Photo

If you’re anything like us, you love to scroll through image after image of delicious food, table settings and family gatherings posted by your friends and family this time of year. In order to help make your contribution to this onslaught of food photography envy-worth, we reached out to our Soluto tech experts to help you up your foodie picture-taking game.

Follow these tips to create foodie pics your followers will ooohhhh and aaahhhhh over.

The Basic Steps

  1. Use natural light as much as you can. Most flashes (especially on smartphones) emit a harsh light that makes your subject look grainy and uneven. If you do need an additional light source, find a source that delivers a soft, natural light.
  2. Consider the framing. Many of the most popular foodie photos on Instagram are taken from overhead. Stand up (or even on a chair or table) to get the best vantage point of your dish(es). A simple background works much better and doesn’t look overly styled,
  3. Use the right filters but don’t overdo it. Filters can add the right emotion to your photos, but overdoing it can make the image look unreal and even unappetizing. Instead of applying generic filters, you can adjust the color levels, saturation, hue and warmth manually to get the perfect image.
  4. Shoot when your food is fresh. When it comes to taking a shot of your food, don’t dilly-dally. Food can lose its visual appeal quickly, as cheese starts sweating and lettuce starts wilting. Food is meant to be eaten, so get the shot and dig in!

Apps to improve your pictures

Foodie – Delicious Camera


(free for Android and iOS) is specifically designed for taking pictures of food with specialized filters for different styles of food. Filters include: Crispy, Fresh & BBQ



(base is free for Android and iOS) offers advanced photography controls and filter packs. This app also allows you to explore content from other users.



(free for Android and iOS) is a professional level photo editor developed by Google. It includes more than 25 filters and tools as well as the ability to edit RAW images.

Now, go, make your friends and family jealous of your skills.

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