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Organize photos on your phone with these tips for iPhone and Android

Tidying up isn’t just for your pantry or your closet. Ever thought of ways to declutter your phone?

Our phones are a big part of our life. And that means they store everything from our conversations to our most prized memories. Like most things in life, we can get more out of our phone when it’s clean and organized.

Constantly scrolling? You’re not alone.

We invited a group of people to the Asurion Lab to chat about how they find, sort and organize everything they store on their phones. It’s no surprise that our phone’s most popular features – like photos, email and contacts – were also the more challenging ones to navigate. In fact,  we learned that 4 in 5 people have a hard time finding the phone photos they need quickly.

Asurion experts shared with participants tips that would help them to stop scrolling and start finding. The results? Many said it’s now a lot easier to locate that one photo they were looking for on their phone. And even more said they liked the tips so much, they passed them on to friends and family.

You might be thinking, “What are these tips? I need to know!” Great news: we’re sharing how to organize and sort photos on your phone, straight from our experts.

How to organize photos on iPhone

1. Create a photo album. This lets you quickly access specific groups of photos so you don’t have to sort through your entire gallery.

To create an empty album:

  • Open Photos app, then tap the Albums tab
  • Tap the Plus Sign in the top left corner, then New Album

To create an album from existing photos:

  • Open Photos app, then open the All Photos Album or tap the Photos Tab
  • Tap Select, then pick all photos you want to add to the new album. Tap Add To, then select New Album

2. Create a Favorites photo album. Quickly and easily find the photos you love the most by saving them into a Favorite album.

  • Open Photos app, then tap the Heart Icon at the bottom of screen
  • All selected photos will move to Favorites album
How to create your favorite photos on your iPhone

3. Add a new face. Facial recognition makes it easy to find photos of people you love.

  • Open a photo with a person’s face in it, and Swipe Up over the photo
  • Tap Circle with person’s face, then tap the Menu icon in the top left corner
  • From there, tap Add to people’s album, then enter the person’s name and tap Done or Next

Tip: As you take more photos, your phone will recognize and sort into the correct People albums automatically.

4. People and places. Quickly and easily find a photo with a specific person or place.

  • Open Photos app, then tap on Albums
  • Tap on People & Places album and search for the photo you’re looking for

5. Search for a photo. iOS makes it easy to find a photo by identifying objects, people, places and even animals in a photo.

  • Open Photos app, then tap on Search Icon
  • Type in search criteria and scroll through results for specific photo

How to organize photos on Android

1. Upgrade your photo app. For maximum photo organization, consider using Google Photos as your phone’s main photo gallery. Google Photos comes installed on your Android phone and offers a few more photo management and sharing capabilities than the Samsung Gallery.

Add Google Photos to Home Screen

  • Open App Drawer, then tap Google folder
  • Long press Photos and then tap “Add to Home”

2. Find photos fast. Easily locate photos by person or pet when you group by similar faces.

  • In the Google Photos app, press in the top left corner, and then tap Settings
  • From there, tap Group similar faces and then turn on Face Grouping

How to label people (and pets)

  • In the Google Photos App, tap inside the search box at the top of the screen. The search menu will expand with a row of several face photos.
  • Tap the right-facing arrow to view all faces. Once there, tap on the face.
  • On the next screen, tap “Add a name” under the circular photo at the top. Then, in the text box, type or select a name.
How to quickly find photos on your Android phone

How to find the photos you’ve labeled

  • Open the Google Photos App, then tap the search bar at the top of screen
  • Type in the search criteria, then scroll through results for your photo (for example, search “Boston” and all your photos from your trip will show up)

3. Protect your photos. Backup & sync your photos to the cloud for safekeeping.

  • Open Google Photos app, then tap
  • Tap Settings, then select Back up & sync and Toggle On

As a default, Google Photos will compress your photos to save space and allow more storage. If you’d like to keep your photos at their full resolution, you’ll want to change the settings. Here’s how:

How to back up photos using high quality

  • Open Google Photos app, then tap 
  • Tap Settings, then select Back up & sync
  • From there, tap Upload Size and then tap High Quality

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