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How to easily unblock a number on your iPhone

Woman unblocking phone number on smartphone

Fast fix

  1. Open your Phone app, then tap Contacts
  2. Select the person’s name, then scroll down and tap Unblock this Caller.  

If you blocked phone calls from certain numbers on your iPhone® but you’ve changed your mind, you can easily unblock their numbers. We’ll walk you through the simple steps. 

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Here’s their guide to how to unblock a number on your iPhone. 

Why would you want to unblock a number on your iPhone?

Sometimes we block a number, then change our minds. Here are a few reasons you might want to hit the Unblock button:

  • Did you tap Block Contact by mistake? It’s easy to do—and undo. 
  • You’re ready to talk to a person or company you weren’t too keen on before. 
  • You realized you were missing calls about job opportunities or important health information. 
  • You’ve decided the telemarketer you blocked as spam isn’t so bad after all. 

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How to unblock numbers on your iPhone

Follow these easy steps to unblock a number you previously blocked on your iPhone. These instructions are for iOS® 11 and newer iterations and may vary slightly depending on your phone’s operating system.

  1. Open Settings > Phone
  2. Tap Blocked Contacts or for earlier iOS versions, tap Call Blocking & Identification.
  3. In the Blocked Contacts list, swipe right to left across the number, then tap Unblock.

The contact you previously blocked should immediately be able to call, text, and FaceTime you again.

How to unblock numbers on your iPhone from the Recents menu 

If you blocked someone who called you recently, but you want to unblock the number, here’s what to do: 

  1. Open your Phone app. 
  2. Tap Recents at the bottom of your screen. 
  3. Tap the “i” to the right of the number. 
  4. Scroll down and tap Unblock this Caller

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