3 Tips for Buying a Smart Thermostat

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3 Tips for Buying a Smart Thermostat

Smart homes have become increasingly popular, with smart thermostats leading the pack. These intuitive devices were first introduced as alternatives to traditional programmable thermostats in 2008. They serve as a good first step in better managing your home’s electricity and have recently seen triple digit sales increases– an indicator that they really are all they’re cracked up to be.

With more than two dozen options on the market, making a decision on which model to buy can seem daunting. We’re here to help with a list of considerations to help you choose the best model for your home.


A handful of features are included in just about every smart thermostat on the market, including

  • Seven-day scheduling
  • Change air filter reminder
  • Vacation features
  • Smart response

However, not all smart thermostats allow for programming from your phone or auto-scheduling – both features that can make energy savings increase significantly.


While no one expects your thermostat to be the piece de resistance when it comes to aesthetic design, you do have options as to the look and feel of the device. You can choose from small and sleek – like the market leader, Nest – to others with a more standard computer screen-esque look like the Ecobee.

Ease of Use

Many of the leading devices on the market can be self-installed, but some do require a professional electrician, which increases the initial outlay. Instructional videos and online support forums can also help make learning about and managing your device much easier without having to hire additional help.

Looking for more? Top10Reviews.com does an excellent job of comparing models in their 2014 Best Programmable Thermostats article.