1994Small group of investors fund purchase of a business
1995Acquired Road Rescue, Inc. (Founded in 1987)
1999Acquired The Merrimac Group (Founded in 1986)
2002Built the Technology and Logistics Center
2003Expanded operations to Asia
2006Merged with Lockline and Warranty Corporation of America
2008Combined with National Electronics Warranty; Expanded operations to Europe
2010Built first iPhone insurance program
2013Acquired technology support solutions company, Soluto
2014Introduction of the new Asurion brand

Life’s Operating System™

We’re a technology company. But we’re also an amazing group of people. When you call us, you’ll talk to people with the patience and experience to genuinely help. We understand what it’s like to spill water on a cell phone or have a hard drive crash on a term paper. We replace. We fix. We find. We solve. We keep you in the game.
Asurion. Life's Operating System™.

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