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Enhancing your life through technology every day

We help customers enhance their life through their technology every day. A global leader, we help you balance the interdependence between life and technology.

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Asurion Awards Recognition

An industry leader in mobile insurance, technology and support, we are proud to be continually recognized as thought leaders in our community.

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Led by Excellence

Our leaders come from different backgrounds, but share a common goal—helping customers enhance their lives through technology.

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Compassion Forward

Asurion has more cutting-edge technology than you can imagine, but at our core we’re all about people. Learn more about our charitable approach to helping in the community.

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4.7 Stars | 12k+ Reviews

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4.4 Stars | 49k+ Reviews

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We’ve been helping the community for a long time

Over 20 years of supporting you and your technology.


Small group of investors fund purchase of a business


Acquired Road Rescue, Inc. (Founded in 1987)


Acquired The Merrimac Group (Founded in 1986)


Built the Technology and Logistics Center


Expanded operations to Asia


Merged with Lockline and Warranty Corporation of America


Combined with National Electronics Warranty; Expanded operations to Europe


Built first iPhone insurance program


Acquired technology support solutions company, Soluto


Introduction of the new Asurion brand