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60 Million Reasons to Protect That Cell Phone You Received As a Holiday Gift

They Only Have 30 Days After Phone Activation to Insure Their New Mobile Devices

DEC 27, 2012

Asurion, the global leader in technology protection services, today is reminding consumers who purchased or received cell phones or smartphones as holiday gifts, they have just 30 days after phone activation to insure the device if it wasn’t insured at the time of purchase. Understandably, people are eager to start using their new mobile devices immediately, but with more than 60 million phones lost, stolen or damaged each year, purchasing phone protection during the first 30 days of device use should be a priority.

“Mobile devices are always very popular gifts during the holiday season and, unfortunately, they’re also prone to loss, theft and damage,” said Bettie Colombo, spokesperson for Asurion. “Protecting your mobile device provides peace-of-mind in an era when the cost to replace a smartphone can be as much as $600 or more.”

Asurion’s cell phone and smartphone insurance is available through all major wireless carriers. Additionally, many wireless carriers also offer other Asurion protection products, which include features that allow consumers to remotely locate, lock or wipe data on a lost or stolen phone. Consumers who wish to add insurance for their new mobile device should contact their wireless carrier directly.

Protecting mobile devices is becoming more and more important since they’ve become the primary way so many of us stay connected to family and loved ones every day. For example, according to a recent Asurion-sponsored survey, 50 percent of parents said they have at least one child at home under 17 who uses a wireless device for personal use, and nearly 30 percent of those required a replacement in the last year due to handset loss, theft, damage or malfunction.

Further illustrating the critical role mobile phones play in our lives, when consumers were asked whether they would rather have their mobile device lost, stolen or damaged, or experience the loss of a credit or debit card, 30 percent said they would rather lose their credit or debit cards.

In addition to protecting your new cell phone or smartphone with insurance, Asurion offers these helpful tips to help keep your holiday gifts safe:

  • A good cell phone cover is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent scratching, cracks and other external damage
  • A transparent film screen protector can prevent the screen from scratching while also helping to remove glare
  • A growing number of waterproof cases are on the market designed to protect phones when submerged in water for a limited amount of time
  • Additional tips and tricks can be found at Asurion’s Gotta’ Have My Mobile website.

To ensure their wireless device is covered and to protect their wallet from the potentially high replacement cost, consumers should contact their wireless carrier or login to their online account to learn more and add coverage.

Asurion keeps customers connected by providing replacement mobile devices – usually overnight – in the event of loss, theft or out-of-warranty damage, including liquid damage. When a claim is made either on the phone or online, Asurion ships a replacement device to any address in North America. With more than 90 million customers, Asurion is the world’s leading provider of mobile protection services.

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