nTelos Wireless Updates Its Handset Protection Program

Virginia-based nTelos Wireless, known for providing high-speed, dependable, nationwide service, has partnered with Asurion to offer its handset protection program.

In the event of cell phone loss, theft, malfunction or out-of-warranty damage – including liquid damage – nTelos enhancements customers now enjoy include:

  • Receiving a replacement handset as soon as the next day at no additional charge.
  • Peace of mind that their replacement will be backed by an industry-leading 12-month warranty.
  • The ability to file and complete a claim online or take advantage of extended call center hours.

After conducting a thorough evaluation of potential partners, nTelos selected the technology protection company Asurion, which is known in the industry for its customer benefits and service.

“We are excited to be offering a best-in-class handset protection program,” said Rob Cale, vice president of marketing for nTelos. “Our customers will benefit from our partnership with an industry leading provider – and an offering that includes faster replacement service, longer call center hours, an on-line claims process, and a 12-month warranty on the replacement devices.”

“nTelos is a premier wireless operator and we are proud to be providing their customers with a quick, easy way to stay connected to friends and family,” stated Rodney Schlosser, Asurion’s senior vice president of business development. “Programs such as the nTelos Device Protection Service are very important, particularly as more and more subscribers move to smartphones, which store personal information and have a higher replacement cost. Asurion and nTelos will work to ensure that customers stay connected to friends, family and coworkers.”

nTelos Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: NTLS) is an integrated communications provider with headquarters in Waynesboro, VA. nTelos provides products and services to customers in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland and North Carolina, including nationwide wireless voice and data services, local and long distance telephone, high capacity transport, networking and high-speed Broadband data services, and IPTV-based video products. Detailed information about nTelos is available at www.ntelos.com

About Asurion
Asurion, a privately-held company operating across three continents, is the global leader in providing consumer technology protection services. Asurion offers support to help customers derive optimum benefit from the usage of electronics; security to help ensure content privacy; and peace of mind through rapid replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning devices. As the premier technology protection provider, Asurion’s 5,000+ employees specialize in fulfilling the needs of more than 95 million consumers through strategic partnerships with the world’s top wireless and cable brands. For more information about Asurion, please visit www.asurion.com.

About Asurion

For more than 20 years, Asurion’s innovation and dedication to delighting customers has made it the preferred provider of technology protection to the world’s largest wireless carriers, trusted retailers and popular device manufacturers.

Asurion’s 16,000 global employees support its 305 million consumers with an award-winning experience delivered through products and services that have set the standard in the industry.

The company’s fully integrated, end-to-end solutions, which are customized for its carrier, retail and device manufacturer partners, include premier support that enables consumers to fully utilize their digital devices and products; applications to protect privacy and provide security; and rapid replacement of lost, stolen, damaged, or malfunctioning devices.

When a product is missing or simply doesn’t work properly, Asurion solves the problem with people and processes operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, speaking six languages, and working across any device, platform, or provider.