It’s Not You, It’s My Cellphone; Does Your Device Come Between You and Your Valentine?

Nearly 30 percent of Americans think their cellphone is more helpful than their sweetheart, according to a national survey recently conducted by Asurion, the global leader in technology protection services.For many, smartphones have become an essential part of life. They are used for almost every task throughout the day, even communicating with significant others. For better or worse, the cellphone can come between relationships in several ways.

In fact, Asurion’s survey found that one-third of participants have deleted messages their other half would find inappropriate. Some respondents have even taken secrecy to the next level, with five percent of survey respondents admitting to owning a “burner” phone their significant other doesn’t know about.

In some relationships, however, the cellphone acts as more of a means for romance. The survey found that a quarter of all respondents have texted a “risqué” photo, an increase of 47 percent from 2012. Out of those respondents, six percent have sent suggestive pictures to the wrong person- talk about awkward!

“We use our phones for so many reasons today—including connecting with our loved ones,” said Bettie Colombo, spokesperson for Asurion. “Our data is showing several fascinating trends exposing the ways we use our smartphones to connect to those most important to us. This further emphasizes the need to protect your device against loss, theft and damage so you’re never out of touch.”

Other surprising survey results include nearly 15 percent of Americans saying they have dumped an ex via text message, a number that rose five percent from 2012.

With the important role smartphones play in maintaining relationships with significant others, friends, family and colleagues, it is essential to keep this lifeline safe and protected. Asurion provides rapid mobile device replacement in the event of loss, theft, damage or post-warranty malfunction, usually receiving a replacement overnight. And as technology continues to evolve and more devices become interconnected, Asurion’s Premier Support Solutions technology professionals can answer a wide variety of customers’ questions and resolve problems related to wireless products and the devices connected to them.

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Survey Methodology

Using Opinionology’s online quantitative survey tool to examine cellphone and texting trends, Asurion surveyed a total of 5,000 wireless subscribers between the ages of 16 and 70 in June 2013. Respondents were required to have a role in cellphone related decision-making within their household. Asurion surveyed an equal mix of males and females. The margin of error is +/- 1.4 percent.

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