Asurion Expands Services in Latin America With Entrance into Brazil Telecommunications Market

Nashville Asurion, the global leader in technology solutions services, has partnered with Claro, the fastest 4G LTE carrier in Brazil, and Liberty Seguros to bring comprehensive mobile phone protection services to Claro Brazil’s post-paid mobile customers.

The partnership marks Asurion’s entrance into the Brazil telecommunications market and expansion within Latin America. The Company currently works with Claro to deliver protection products to Claro customers in Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Chile. In total, Asurion works with telecommunications clients in 22 countries across the globe.

“As a world leader in tech support, Asurion looks forward to partnering with Claro so that its customers can count on a fast and convenient way to reconnect,” said José Amden, Vice President and Client Services General Manager of Asurion.

Called Mobile Protection (Proteção Móvel), the program provides Claro’s post-paid customers in Brazil with broad protection against theft, qualified theft and physical damage (including water damage).

Through the program, customers are spared from paying the full retail price of replacing their device. Instead, those enrolled pay a smaller deductible based on the value of the device and the peril type.  Once a claim is approved, the customer will receive a replacement phone shipped quickly and conveniently to their home.

The service is currently available at 95 Claro stores throughout Brazil and will expand until it becomes available through all 327 Claro’s stores nationwide.

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