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What is a Virtual Agent?

Chatbots are all the rage in the technology world right now and are considered the future of mobile devices. News articles spin futuristic visions of speaking to your device and having it respond to your every wish, as if it were a technological genie. But what is a Virtual Agent chatbot?

The Future Knowledge Base

The Future Knowledge Base header

From Wikis to information repositories, knowledge bases are where we store our most valuable information, facts and data so that it can be accessed simultaneously by thousands of users. 

However, the speed and scale of knowledge is changing rapidly. Technologies such as social media, device telemetry, big data, machine learning, etc. have enabled an exponential rise in the amount of knowledge that is both created and consumed. Currently, the sum total of human knowledge is said to double approximately every thirteen months. According to IBM, with the inception of the Internet of Things (IoT)…

Asurion Virtual Assistant Platform

Chatbot paradigm shift

A major technological shift is coming that promises to be as disruptive as the introduction of the smartphone: the rise of NLP chatbots.

Natural language processing (NLP) chatbots are artificially intelligent virtual assistants. NLP is the science of engineering computers to comprehend human language. NLP Chatbots are able to understand a consumer’s verbal or written instructions and then accomplish it on their behalf. Bots will fundamentally change how people interact with their devices and ultimately help drive efficient interactions.

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