Research Labs Team

Meet our team of innovators

Hiral Shah

Hiral sits at the intersection of technology and business. As a senior product manager on the team, Hiral is currently working on bringing AVA, an Advanced Virtual Assistant) in customers’ hands through various Asurion products. Hiral joined us after finishing her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to Asurion, Hiral has worked in Venture Capital, as well as software & product at Apple involved in launching first iPad and first CDMA iPhone. Hiral’s goal is to bring technology access to the under-served markets.

Saurav Chatterjee

Saurav leads Asurion Research Labs. Prior to his 2 years at Asurion, he was Chief Architect for Visa Inc., developing their first direct-to-consumer product called Visa Checkout. He was also Chief Architect at Orative Corp., which developed mobile enterprise messaging and VoIP solutions; Orative was acquired by Cisco. He was also Chief Scientist at AlterEgo Networks, which developed a platform to dynamically transform desktop web content for mobile screens; this work was based on his research work at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). AlterEgo Networks was acquired by Macromedia/Adobe. He received his Ph.D. in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Mike Ballou

Mike is a founding Researcher and Developer on the Asurion Research Labs team. He’s been on the team since its inception in 2011. He is currently working on an Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA) which leverages natural language processing, machine learning and a database driven dialog system for automated chat experiences. He enjoys keeping up with the latest technologies across many platforms. Prior to joining Asurion, he was a developer for a security company, eEye Digital Security.

Sachin Naik

Sachin is Senior Java Developer for the Asurion R&D team. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and Oracle Certified Java Enterprise Architect working on end-to-end Java/Javascript based applications in various verticals including finance, advertising & media, education and energy. He worked on major product development for clients like JP Morgan, Scholastic, ABN Amro, Xaxis among others. He spends his time researching latest trends & technologies including but not limited to IoT, Analytics, NoSQL and Big Data. When he’s not doing research and development, he enjoys travel, playing foosball/carrom, watching cricket, spending time with his wife & daughter.

Cory Adams

Cory is a Principal Software Engineer for the Asurion Research & Development team. He has been with Asurion for 4 years. He currently leads research and implementation efforts focused on machine learning and natural language processing. As a developer, he enjoys reviewing and understanding new technology. Prior to joining Asurion, he was a software engineer for General Dynamics and the United States Air Force.

Nilesh Dharmadhikari

Nilesh plays the role of Delivery Manager for the Asurion R&D team and focuses on productizing and delivering the technical strides taken by the team in research to our internal and external customers. He has been associated with Asurion since 2011. He has varied experience of working on multiple products in domains like Insurance/Banking and technologies like Java/J2EE and Mobile. He has moved into a management role over the years, after completing his Executive Management Program from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He is keenly interested in the latest technology trends, avidly follows the smartphone industry (Siri, Cortana, Google Now, AVA!) and would love to dabble in Product Management. Outside work, he is an avid reader, loves his podcasts & dogs, plays badminton and can croon a song pretty decently.

Scott Hutter

Scott Hutter has been a proud member of the Asurion technology family for over 15 years.  He has been involved in many aspects of software delivery over the years, from managing the Sharepoint delivery team, developing the RMA product, claims and roadside development, warehouse management, architecture, and more.  Additionally, he has worked for other names in the industry such as HCA, Ingram Content Group, Comdata, and UBS Swiss Bank.  His hobbies include wood working, amateur radio, and game / software development on multiple platforms and languages.