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Culture of ideas at Asurion

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At Asurion, we believe that good ideas come from everywhere, not just the corner office. Often described as a “20-year-old startup,” Asurion is no stranger to rapid growth. In the last four years alone, Asurion has increased revenue and boasts nearly 20,000 employees working in as many as 53 offices across the globe. Luckily, this growth exists because of—not at the price of —a company culture focused on ideas.


Asurion hosts multiple company-wide Hackathons a year, where employees of all levels collaborate on innovative ideas to improve our customer and employee experience. Ideas are pitched to a panel of judges and the winning concepts are set into motion. Over 47 teams have participated in the past two years, with several winning ideas in implementation.

Who can participate? Anyone! This September, we had over 80 participants from across all functions. While hackathons are often considered technical events, there are plenty of seats at the table for non-development team members from HR, communications, marketing, and customer solutions. The top three teams this year were made up of “new” employees who had started working at Asurion within the past year.

Asurion Hackathons are hosted in every region of the company with the primary goal of finding ways to accelerate digital transformation, improving our current products or services, and finding new and better ways to work together. Most importantly, Asurion Hackathons foster engagement and excitement as employees are given time away from their regular jobs to work together to develop inventions and innovations.


Asurion believes the best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. So we created a portal where employees can quickly and easily submit any idea they have to improve our customer or employee experience. Once posted, coworkers can see the idea and vote on the concept with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. Ideas with the most positive votes are evaluated by a dedicated team who works to implement the best concepts. In the first few months of Ideabox’s existence, we’ve already seen impressive engagement from employees. As a result, we’ve made improvements to customer apps that will drive more engagement, spun up portals that house resources in a central location for easy collaboration and transparency, and even delivered workplace enhancements such as making break room computers handicap accessible and bringing food trucks to locations with limited lunch options.

Asurion is building the products, platforms, and systems that help support our partners and deliver an exceptional customer experience.