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Asurion CIO Talks Tech in Nashville

Asurion’s Chief Information Officer, Barry Vandevier, recently sat down with _The Tennessean_to talk about Nashville’s booming growth and Asurion’s expansion in our headquartered city over the past few years. Barry shares his thoughts on the company’s growth, the increasing demand for top tech talent and Asurion’s latest products.

Check out an excerpt of the interview below, or get the full article here.

Since moving its headquarters to Nashville in 2003, Asurion has grown to 15,000 employees — with more than 4,000 in Middle Tennessee — and serves more than 280 million customers around the world. Last October, the company announcedit was adding 800 support technician positions to a new facility in Antioch. To date, there are more than 100 open positions in the Nashville area, with more than 50 in information technology…

What’s behind the company’s growth?

With the technology growth, the device growth, we’ve certainly been a part of that … in the way we service our customers and their device protection needs. We are a very global company, and with the device growth comes consumer demand.

In what areas are you seeing the most customer demand and growth?

(Within) technology protection services, there are multiple facets. There is the core device protection, where we have the insurance components. We have capabilities on the mobile devices to protect our consumers if they lose (a device). We can do lock wipes and backup restore capabilities. Those are very popular. We have a premier support product (for) consumers who have issues with their devices or they are trying to integrate them into their home or their automobile and need help. We’ve got agents with technology skills that can support those consumers with their needs.

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