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Asurion Partners with SkillsUSA to Train the Next Generation of Technical and Service Professionals

Asurion recently participated in the 50th annual SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference with 15,000 students, teachers, and businesses across the country. Our partnership with SkillsUSA helps foster service leaders by building leadership and workplace skills for rising service and technical professionals.

As part of the partnership, Asurion supported and judged two all-state competitions for students in the fields of residential systems installation and maintenance and customer service for top competitors.

The national leadership and skills contest is run with the help of industry partners like Asurion as well as trade and labor organizations and occupies over 16 football fields of floor space. This year there were more than 6,000 competitors who participated in the event.

“Over the past six years we have been a part of SkillsUSA, we have seen the tremendous impact this event has on these students and their futures,” commented Rich Schneider, Vice President, Supply Chain Management. “For Asurion, this is a perfect opportunity to take the twenty years of service and technical strengths we bring to the industry and help shape and evolve the next generation of skills.”

Asurion’s two competitions drew in nearly 60 students and recognized those demonstrating excellence in the field of home technology integration where contestants were scored on the installation of components including home theater systems, computer networking, and video security equipment.

The second category evaluated students’ proficiency in customer service which involved live role-play and a written test to measure skills in telephone and computer skills, communications, problem solving, conflict resolution, and business etiquette. Asurion sent eighteen of their service and technical management to judge the competitions.

“The role of a customer service professional has dramatically changed over the past decade,” commented Colleen Mullens, Asurion’s Senior Vice President, Customer Care. “With advancements in technology, the delivery of care and expectations of the consumer have become more complex. A strong aptitude in technology, sharp communication, and problem solving abilities are now critical competencies to a quality care experience. Asurion is honored to share these skills and our passion in providing outstanding care with SkillsUSA and their students.”

Asurion has been part of the SkillsUSA Foundation Board since 2007. For more information on SkillsUSA, visit their website.