Cool Jobs: Database Ops Manager

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Cool Jobs: Database Ops Manager

How would you define a “cool job”? Would it be one that allows you to travel internationally, working on global projects, while also enjoying personal expeditions outside the office? For Database Operations Manager, Chuck Hill, this role is his reality.

Chuck Hill
Chuck Hill, 
Database Operations Manager, Asurion

Now based in our downtown Nashville “Malloy” office, Chuck started at our Technology and Logistics Center (TLC) in Smyrna, Tennessee in 2012, and has succeeded through multiple roles, now in his fifth, in just as many years.

Beginning in 2014, the opportunity to travel to our Taguig, Philippines office, “PDOC”, presented itself, and Chuck now has three two-month team trips and one six-month solo trip on record.

AsurionCareers: You have quite an interesting and unique role. Tell us about the need to travel to and work in the Philippines office.

Chuck Hill: My first trips in 2014 were to conduct technical training activities over US Back Office systems to the PDOC Back Office Operations team. In 2015, the trips were focused on corporate financial project launches.

AC: When you’re in the Philippines, do you do anything differently or perform a different role than your typical day-to-day in Nashville?

CH: While in the Philippines, I act as a technical mentor for the PDOC Back Office Team, as well as a senior escalation point for any US-related Back Office incidents, and represent the US Back Office Operations team during key financial project launches.

AC: Do you get time to explore the culture and city?

CH: I have traveled to many different beautiful locations within the Philippine Islands, eaten many different exotic Philippine food delicacies, and experienced several cultural holidays and celebrations!

AC: What are some key differences in the Philippines office, versus Nashville?


  • The Bonifacio Global City office is in a skyscraper and our office has three different floors
  • The PDOC office celebrates Halloween by decorating different office floors based on themes and trick-or-treating with employees and their families
  • In Taguig, the office celebrates the Holiday season with a fun, collaborative, and engaging Christmas Party

Thanks, Chuck! This sounds like a great experience…now we know why so many employees are excited about PDOC office trips.

Check back here in two weeks for an inside look of our Philippines office!