Employee Profile: Brandon Bryant

Life at Asurion

Employee Profile: Brandon Bryant

When Brandon Bryant, Operations Manager – PSS, isn’t leading his team at work, he’s enjoying time with his wife, playing with his 18-month old son, and getting involved in various sporting activities. Read on to learn more about what Life at Asurion has meant for this Phoenix native during his last two years as a member of our team.

Asurion Careers: When did you become an Asurion employee and what role and location did you start in?

Brandon Bryant: I joined the Asurion team in June of 2014 as a PSS Coach at our Phoenix Riverpoint location.

AC: You’ve shown great career progression as an Asurion employee in the last two years. Tell us more.

BB: I started in June 2014 as a PSS Coach at Phoenix’s Riverpoint location. In April 2015, I had the opportunity to move into a developmental role, which allowed me to partner with the site leadership team, working on initiatives to streamline processes and help improve overall performance. That July, I returned to the Coach role, until I was promoted to Operations Manager in January 2016.

AC: Why Asurion? What keeps you motivated?

BB: I love the culture and atmosphere that Asurion has built. It is different from my previous call center experience, in how we are so customer-focused and truly understand and take into account how our business decisions impact the customer and the employee. The actions I have seen employees take when provided with feedback is remarkable. I also enjoy working with the team that has been assembled here; it’s never a dull day and there is always an exciting challenge or project to take on.

AC: What have you had a chance to participate in or observe that is interesting or unique?

BB: There have been quite a few things! In addition to participating in my developmental opportunity in 2015, I had the chance to travel to the 2016 Customer Solutions Kick-Off in Nashville. Right now, I’m observing a process involving a new system to help improve our abilities surrounding performance.

AC: What are your favorite things about being an Asurion employee?

BB: My favorite thing about Asurion is that the opportunities are endless. We are always looking towards the future and how we can grow and revolutionize the industry. We are always getting equipped with the tools to be successful and there is follow-up to ensure that there is true understanding on how to execute.