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Growing Tech Careers at Asurion

Let’s talk tech.

As a global employer, Asurion has employees and teams across multiple continents and time zones. In the US, we have three technology home bases: San Mateo, CA; Sterling, VA; and Nashville, TN. San Mateo is in the heart of Silicon Valley and our office there is focused on mobile development, Android/iOS, and end-user facing applications. Sterling is a perfect base, in close proximity to Washington DC and a brief train ride to New York, with a primary focus on developing our integrated future state application platforms. Nashville was recently highlighted by ZipRecruiter as an up-and-coming city for tech jobs and by Forbes as one of the Cities Creating The Most Tech Jobs. Our teams in Nashville provide capabilities and services across all aspects of our global operating model, including architecture; data science and analytics; desktop support; and all types of front-end and back-end development.

So, how can you get noticed at Asurion? 

Our technology recruiters agreed on several areas: present a succinct and perfectly edited resume; show a strong educational and work background. Also, taking the time to complete certifications in your area of expertise and showing initiative through various projects can help you reach the next step. At the interview stage, you can expect interviews that may include phone and onsite, where you should come prepared to talk about the “core principles and basics of coding languages, and be prepared to ‘whiteboard’,” says Recruiter, Marcia Wimmer, who’s based in Sterling.

A stand-out cultural fit in Asurion’s robust technology field can be defined as someone who embodies a “sense of eagerness, drive, and passion to learn new technologies, is always up for unique challenges, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and a positive, can-do attitude,” says Wimmer. Recruiter Sara Swaner, based in San Mateo added, saying, “they want the best of the best. What you put in is what you will get out.” She describes the setting as hard-working, collaborative, supportive, and driven. She goes on to explain the environment is “fast-paced and flexible, things are constantly changing.”

Speaking of constant change, Barry Vandevier, our Chief Information Officer, is ready to take on the challenges of the rapidly changing technology environment and knows first-hand how quickly he and his team must adapt to change. For leaders outside the technology space, multiyear planning is a luxury and the norm. “Three to five years is a pretty broad window, in terms of making technology predictions…three to five years can represent two, or possibly more generations of technical change.” While there are many moving pieces, Vandevier says there are also some constants. “You can count on increases in computing power, interconnectivity and consumer demands to fuel innovation, and the only way to truly harness the rapid evolution is through great talent.”

Unsurprisingly, Vandevier’s world of constant change involves various projects, such as a recent initiative he describes that “used mobile, cloud, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to create a cool new capability called ‘text to register.” This capability “enables our customers to register products” by sending a copy of their receipt using one of today’s simplest methods – text.

Further, says Vandevier, “solving complex business problems across our global footprint is a lot of fun. Over the course of this year alone, we have launched new markets on new platforms and integrated capabilities across our business process management tools, mobile applications, big data analytics, and supply chain capabilities…that must operate at a scale necessary to support tens of millions of customers. Most fun of all, I get to work with a great team of really smart people. At Asurion, there will always be plenty of fun projects to get excited about.”

Are you one of those really smart people? Some of Asurion’s greatest tech needs going into 2016 are for Pega and Tibco Developers, Technical Analysts, Project Managers (ScrumMasters), Big Data Engineers, iOS and Android Developers, and Java and QE Managers.

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