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Recharge: Summer Vacation at Asurion

At Asurion, we know the value of having time off to relax and recharge, which is why we offer team members paid time off to do so. While our time off policies vary by location and type of role, the US-based employees featured below enjoy our Exempt Time Off policy, which allows individuals to take time off as needed, while our UK-based employee below receives five weeks of paid vacation.

We hope you enjoyed your summer and were able to get away, relax, and recharge just as our employees were!

Dianne – Security and Risk, Nashville, TN


Where was your summer vacation? Wrightsville Beach, NC

Why did you go? To allow our son to participate in the Indo Jax Inclusion Surf Camp, a camp which teaches children with special needs how to surf.

Most memorable part of the trip? Seeing our son catch his first wave!

Best food/meal on the trip? The crab sandwiches were killer!

Most interesting thing you saw on the trip? All the ginormous snakes at the Cape Fear Serpenterium.

Elsa – Senior Manager, Tax Accounting & Reporting, Nashville, TN


Where was your summer vacation? Copenhagen, Denmark; Skanor, Sweden; Amalfi Coast, Italy; Rome, Italy

Why did you go? My husband has a college friend who is Swedish. We planned the trip to attend his wedding. We decided to make a vacation out of the trip and headed to Italy for six days after the wedding festivities.

Most memorable part of the trip? The view from our hotel in Positano, Italy looking down on the city and the coast line was absolutely gorgeous.

Best food? We had a number of amazing meals on the trip. But, there is something so good about simple spaghetti and meatballs and a cappuccino in Italy.

Adam – Scrum Master, Soluto University, Nashville, TN


Where was your summer vacation? California (San Francisco; Yosemite National Park; King’s Canyon National Park; Newport Beach & Santa Monica beaches)

Most memorable part of the trip? Getting up really early in the morning with my older sister to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge. The wind blew heavily and the fog surrounded us, but it was such a memorable experience hanging out with my sister at a national landmark with very few people, taking pictures as the sun rose over the horizon.

Best meal? The Giant Sequoia Burger. As its name implies, it was a massive half-pound burger with Swiss cheese, thick cut hickory smoked bacon, and avocado.

Most interesting thing you saw on the trip? At Yosemite, there were natural vistas which looked to be straight from National Geographic. We also saw a juvenile brown bear come out of the forest and tear into a log for insects and grubs, just 20 yards away from us.

Charlotte – HR Coordinator, London


Where was your summer vacation? Greece for one week with three friend-couples. Our itinerary was Santorini to Naxos, then a 5-day on sailboat navigation to discover Antiparos, Small Cyclades, and Ios.

Why did you go? To find the sun (it’s missing a little bit in the UK) and try the Greek food!

Most memorable part of the trip? Fishing octopus with my friends – hilarious moment.

Best food/meal on the trip? Vegetarian Moussaka

Most interesting thing you saw on the trip? Superb points of view (the best with sunset), beautiful beaches, and little churches in the middle of nowhere.