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J.D. Power verifies how quickly Asurion customers get access to tech help

Technology is advancing fast. So fast, it can be difficult for people to keep up. With each tech advancement, questions and issues pop up like, “Why didn’t my contacts transfer over to my new phone?” or “Why does my phone battery die so quickly?” That’s why we exist. We’re here to help people unlock the potential of their tech and make life a little easier along the way.

So, as new updates and new products come out, we’re ready. Equipped with the knowledge to be actually helpful. With us, it’s easy to get help when you need it.

Tech help done fast

We understand time is valuable and no one wants to spend an hour on the phone troubleshooting their tech. That doesn’t happen with our customers. They receive fast access to tech help and limited hold time.

In 2017, J.D. Power released research showing the connection between speedy access to tech help and low hold time with wireless customer satisfaction, service areas Asurion has always claimed excellence. Through J.D. Power’s Process Excellence Verification Program*, they audited Asurion and verified our customers can connect with a live tech expert in under 15 seconds and, once connected, are put on hold for about a minute as the tech expert finds a solution to their issue.

J.D. Power also verified how quickly and easily customers set up new devices with Asurion. Our knowledgeable tech experts can get customers up and running in less than 17 minutes. That includes transferring pictures, contacts, videos, apps, and more.

Superior tech help services drive customer satisfaction

This is validation of what we’ve said all along. We believe that together with J.D. Power’s research and Asurion’s verification, Asurion has the ability to increase customer satisfaction. We know how it feels when tech doesn’t work. It’s frustrating. And this verification demonstrates we care about providing personal, simple, and helpful experiences for our customers that unlock the potential of their technology.

About us

Asurion helps make life easier for hundreds of millions of people worldwide by unlocking the potential of their technology. Through comprehensive protection and smart tech help that’s actually helpful, we share our unique understanding of technology in a remarkably human way to improve our customers’ technology experience. Partnering with leading wireless carriers, retailers and pay-TV providers, Asurion’s more than 19,000 employees deliver a seamless, delightfully simple customer experience, making it easy to experience just how incredible technology can be. Learn more by visiting

J.D. Power 2018 Process Excellence Verification Program is based on successfully completing an independent audit of pre-determined objective business performance metrics of customer servicing interactions.