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3 Great Gift Options for Graduates

A majority (75%) of high school and college graduates are expecting a gift upon their commencement, but what tops their wish list this year? We surveyed 1,100 high school and college graduates to learn what gift would please the graduates most.

Tech at the Top 

Similar to last year, when it comes to new technology, laptops are still by far the most requested gift for most students (51% of high school and 43% of college grads). Even more important, 87% of college grads claim their laptops are the most important piece of technology for completing their schoolwork. It is also the preferred device for emailing teachers and classmates.

PC Magazine tested and reviewed several laptops and created a Best of list for college students including the Acer Chromebook C720P-2600 and Asus Transformer Book.

Acer Chromebook C720P-2600

While laptops are still the most requested tech gift from graduates, the survey did show an increase in demand for smartphones among high school students, jumping from 9% in 2014 to 16% in 2015.

Asurion’s survey revealed that 70 percent of grads turn to their smartphones to escape the stresses of school, while six in ten students watch television instead.

With a myriad of smartphone options on the market and the emotional connection most smartphone users have with their phone, it’s best to ask your graduate the type of phone they would like. If they’re indifferent (highly unlikely) or you’d like a breakdown in the options, Laptop’s Smartphone Finder 2015 can help.


Gaming Systems
While not what most parents think of as “vital” to school performance, gaming systems continue to make grads’ wish lists with 11% of college and high school grads placing the entertainment system at the top of their list.

The major players in this space are the Xbox One and PS4. Don’t know where to begin? The Guardian has a nice comparison of the two systems that should help.


Protecting Grads Gifts

Students need to be prepared for problems. Nearly 70% of current college students surveyed stated they experienced problems with their technology while at school, a nearly 10% increase from 2014.

Asurion, alongside their retail and wireless partners, is focused on giving consumers the added peace of mind that they will never be held back. In fact, Asurion’s premier support program can help consumers from set-up and troubleshooting to simply discovering new features. Asurion’s technicians are focused on helping you unlock your device’s potential – so you can be more productive and stay connected throughout high school, college and beyond.