5 Apps to Entertain Your Kids this Holiday

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5 Apps to Entertain Your Kids this Holiday

The holiday season is great (!) – Except for the long travel day to Grandma’s house, the crazy uncle who won’t stop talking about his goiter and the incessant chirping of your Aunt’s parakeet that she insists bringing to every family gathering.
Help your kids (and yourself) survive this season by downloading a few of our favorite entertainment apps.

Ages 0-4

Lonley Beast Icon

The Lonely Beast 123
A follow up to the popular The Lonely Beast ABC, kids help the lonely beast count everything in his house by helping him color and trace numbers. $1.99; iOS


Kids learn about letters and numbers while playing 4 different games in this award winning app. Each game focuses on a new skill including discovering the shape of each letter and number, learning how to trace and ultimately writing the letter/number independently.  $2.99; iOS

Ages 5-8


Barefoot World Atlas  
The priciest app we are recommending, but well worth the cost. Barefoot World Atlas is an interactive 3D globe that allows you to explore the regions and countries of the world. Packed full of fascinating facts and trivia, adults will have a hard time pulling themselves away from it. $4.99; iOS

Ages 9 -12


This word puzzle will have you hooked instantly. The concept is simple: make words from jumbled letters and beat the clock. The larger the word you   create the more points you earn. You compete with your friends or complete strangers from around the world.  FREE – $2.99 depending on platform; Android & iOS


We are addicted to this puzzle game that challenges you to place colors in the correct order. Based on concepts taught in art class, this game will help you and your preteen appreciate the complex world of color progression.  FREE; Android & iOS