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6 Major Updates Expected to Roll Out in iOS 7

Apple’s got us all on pins and needles in anticipation of their big announcement on Tuesday. Perhaps the biggest change in this operating system is the updated user interface. Gone is the old “skeumorphic” design that emphasized real world textures and design in exchange for a much flatter interface with simpler icons and themes- stressing the simplicity and minimalism Apple is known for.

First things first- who is eligible for this upgrade? Apple users with the following devices:
• iPhones 4 and above
• iPod Touch 5th generation
• iPad 2 and above
• iPad Mini

Here are a few of the major updates:

Control Center
The Control Center gives users instant access to the functions and apps they need most with just a swipe up on their screen, even when the phone’s locked. From there users can switch to Airplane mode, turn wi-fi on or off and adjust the display brightness.

Notification Center
This feature lets users know about new emails, missed calls, upcoming meetings and to-list items. iOS 7 has a new feature called Today that gives users a quick summary of everything they need to know that day. A simple downward swipe will pull up the weather, appointments, missed calls, traffic reports and more.

This feature allows users to do multiple things on their phone at once, which has always been crucial for iPhone users. This version is smarter than ever with several huge updates in the way push notifications come through so your battery life’s not drained.

iTunes Radio
This is Apple’s version of Pandora or Spotify. It’s built in to the Music app on your device and is completely free. Users can customize their own stations by songs, artists or genres.

Instragram lovers beware- this new Camera update lets you take square pictures and test built in filters before even snapping the photo. iOS 7 then stores the photo in the new Photos app that’s been reorganized to sort and store pictures in a much more intuitive way, similar to the way iPhoto works on the Mac.

Activation Lock
Perhaps the most talked about update to iOS 7 is the “Kill Switch” that aims to deter cellphone thefts by making it harder for thieves to wipe a stolen iPhone and resell it as new. Activation Lock allows users to remotely protect any sensitive information on their device if it’s lost or stolen, while also preventing it from landing on the black market.

iOS 7 is said to be the biggest overhaul of iPhone since the device was launched 6 years ago making this iconic device even more desirable!