Tech Tips

6 Ways Your Phone Makes Travel Easier

You’ve plotted and planned and are finally ready to take your trip.  Whether traveling just down the road or hopping a plane for an exotic locale,  your mobile phone can be an excellent resource during your retreat.  Here are some tips to using  your cellphone to make your summer vacation much easier.

Getting Organized

TripIt is one of the best tools for staying organized during your trip by storing your travel details into one master online itinerary — even if arrangements are booked at multiple travel sites.  In addition to keeping you organized, it also provides maps, directions, and weather.  You can also use your phone’s camera to remember your parking spot at the airport, or to keep a photograph of your passport or driver’s license so you won’t be stranded if either is lost or stolen.

What Did You Say?

Planning the trip of a lifetime to a beautiful place where you don’t speak the language? Worry not. Google Translate lets you speak or type what you want to say into your phone and listen to the  translation spoken out loud.  With more than 70 languages available, this app will be your best friend no matter where you go.

How Much Is That?

Unless you are a mathematical genius, you’ll probably need help with currency on your adventure  to another country.  XE Currency Converter helps you quickly understand what you are paying in U.S. dollars for that African safari tour or leaving the right tip amount after a delicious dinner along the Seine in Paris.

Getting Around

A map app is essential for getting around an unfamiliar city, especially one that will require a lot of walking.  Make sure to look for one that will speak the directions to you and provide walking, as well as driving, routes.  Navfree is a great option because once your route is downloaded, you don’t need an internet connection to get there, making it perfect to conserve battery life in places with spotty Wi-Fi. Most major cities have a public transportation app that you can download to help you navigate via bus, train or subway.

Where To Go?

Looking for attractions, restaurants or places of interest on your vacation couldn’t be easier with popular apps like Yelp, Foursquare and Zomato.  Not only will you fill your day with fun, but you’ll have access to user ratings or reviews, so you can pick the perfect restaurants, boutiques and local attractions.

Making Memories

Your phone camera will allow you to capture your vacation memories in photos or video.  If available on your phone, it is also wise to invest in an SD card to expand your phone’s memory to accommodate the extra capacity needed.  You can also store all of your memories together with Trip Journal.  This app allows you to document your vacation pictures and share your travel routes, visited locations, videos, comments and blog entries on your favorite social networks.

Now get out there, and explore the world!