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7 Tech Savvy Last-Minute Gift Ideas

The holiday season may come once a year, but it can still sneak up on you.  And for those of us who have not finished our holiday shopping yet—tick tock!—here are seven great ideas for last-minute holiday gifts.

Misfit Flash Link $16.99
At under twenty bucks, the Misfit Flash Link makes a super gift for that special someone who’s curious about the fitness tracker craze. Users can track activity like steps and miles while refining their fitness goals and controlling their music choices—basically everything that the original Flash can do, only it’s a plastic clip instead of a stretchy wristband.

Google Cardboard ($20 and up)
It seemed that in the mid-1990s, everyone was talking about how we were just months away from strapping on a pair of goggles to simulate hiking the Himalayas or parasailing the Indian Ocean. Well, it appears virtual reality (VR) has finally arrived, thanks to Google Cardboard and a growing list of compatible apps. Created by Google engineers to reignite public interest in VR, Cardboard is a fold-out cardboard mount that you can affix to your iPhone or Android to take advantage of special VR apps. Heck, even if it doesn’t work all that great, that $20 price tag has us curious.

iHome Mini Rechargeable Speaker $20.29
There are literally hundreds of MP3 player-compatible speakers available, but iHome’s Mini Rechargeable Speaker has pulled ahead of the pack with big speaker sound, thanks to something called vacuum design, resulting in a minimum of distortion. Users can connect it to their smart phone, iPod, iPad, tablet, MP3 player or game system and get ready to rock! Alternatively, they can charge it up and take it on the go.

Blackout Buddy H2O $24.99
Pop quiz: What do you do when your home has lost power? Do you reach for the candles and matches? The flashlight? What if the matches are wet? What if the flashlight is out of batteries? You might consider Eton’s Blackout Buddy, the eco-friendly, water-activated emergency light. Just dip Blackout Buddy H2O in water to activate the battery and light your way for up to 72 continuous hours.

Tile $25
Got a friend or loved one who’s always losing his or her keys or wallet? Help them out this holiday season with Tile, a tiny Bluetooth tracker that helps find stuff within seconds. Attach a Tile to everyday items, from house keys to a trusted journal. When you can’t find them, ring for them like you would a lost smart phone. If your Tile is within the 100-foot range, it will signal its whereabouts to you. Give the gift of sanity this year with Tile!

Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones $39.99
For too long, wireless headphones have been little more than a pipe dream—it seems that the moment you get more than two feet away from the power source, the sound either fades away or drops out completely. Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones have evidently solved this problem, promising to “never get in the way of a good time.” Their slim, lightweight design also makes them perfect for moderate activities like running on the treadmill, and yet they provide a deep, rich sound.

iGrill2 $99
Everyone has that grill-obsessed relative, an uncle or aunt who constantly refines their approach to the BBQ. Help feed that obsession with the iGrill2, the grilling thermometer powered by Bluetooth Smart technology. The iGrill2 track up to four temperatures at the same time, allowing grillers to track each one within the iGrill app, compatible with iOS 7 or Androids equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.