Best Fitness Apps

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Best Fitness Apps

It’s summer and for most of us, that brings to mind equal parts excitement and dread because we know it’s time to get in our bathing suits. You know, those tiny things that have been living in the darkest corner of your closet for the past 9 months.

If it’s time for you to get in shape for bathing suit weather, we’ve got some awesome apps to help you reach your fitness goals this summer:

Nike+ FuelBand: This watch uses Nike+ technology to track your daily activity and translate it into NikeFuel to help you gauge activity levels each day. Users wear it just like they would their watch, and then watch the calories burned and steps taken rack up. The band tracks everything from running to dancing to biking. You can even use the app to set goals, connect with friends for support and track your progress.

RunKeeper: This app tracks your runs, walks, bike rides and hikes using the GPS in your smartphone and records your speed and calories burned. You can connect with friends for support and share your progress with your cheering section to help you reach your goals.

DailyBurn: This is your one stop shop fitness app. Daily Burn helps you manage your workout, the number of calories you eat and the number you burn daily. You can even create a personalized fitness and nutrition plan to help you reach your goals. The app lets you track your progress and syncs your data to their website where you can get a deeper analysis of your progress.

These apps will get you so fit, you won’t want to quit!