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CES 2016 Picks: Tech Up Your Kid’s Playroom

CES has not disappointed this year, featuring far-reaching innovation in every area of tech imaginable.  Furthermore, many of the featured products are not just aspirational, but items truly meant to integrate seamlessly into our everyday lives.  Asurion has been reporting live all week and thus far we’ve pointed out new tech for both your man cave and bathroom, next up – the kids’ playroom.

These 6 products shown at CES 2016 are perfect additions to your child’s playroom, bedroom or nursery:

Marbotic Smart Letters

Marbotic Smart Letters

Young children love to play with tablets, and they also love to play with blocks.  Enter Marbotic’s Smart Letters, a fun hi-tech way for your children to learn their ABCs and 123s!  The letter and number blocks work along side an iPad app.  Simply drop the letters on to the screen to play games, puzzles or turn on a free-play mode too.  An excellent addition to your child’s collection of educational toys.

Ossia Wireless Power

Ossia Wireless Power

What better place to eliminate or cut down on wires and/or outlets than the kids’ playroom?  We were introduced to Ossia and their Cota solution today, which uses thousands of small antennas to deliver power directly to embedded receiving antennas in our devices.  While you’re having a doll tea party or reading that nightly bedtime story, your phone can be charging automatically in your pocket or on a nightstand.  No need to remove those outlet safety covers to plug in and no charger wires to trip over or get tangled with.

iPal™ Robot

iPal Robot

AvatarMind‘s interactive robot, iPal™, is a different type of robot friend for your child.  iPal™ does most of the things robots marketed toward children do and more, but it’s life sized!  Now, if life size dolls creep you out, you might want to skip this one.  But if you’re open to having an animatronic companion for your kid that sings, dances and tells stories, look no further.  iPal™ also provides spoken language learning and several tablet-based educational programs.  Consider making your kid’s playroom iPal’s new home.

Edwin The Duck

Edwin The Duck

He’s super cute and floats, but this isn’t just an ordinary yellow rubber ducky.  Edwin is a Bluetooth-powered device designed for bath time, bed time and all times in between.  Edwin interacts with accompanying mobile apps, streams music and squawks with 180 different sounds, designed to inspire learning via books and online tools but also comfort as a nightlight at bedtime.

Lego’s “Mini Milo”

Lego's 'Mini Milo'

Lego Education unveiled their boxy little robot at CES 2016, which kids can build and program all by themselves. The bot can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet, and enables children to partner with it in completing all types of science and physics projects.  Although designed for classroom use, you’re free to purchase one for your kid’s playroom today.

Mini+ 1080p Home Camera

wi-fi cameras

EZVIZ, known for the Mini connected home cam, launched Mini+ Wi-Fi at CES 2016, featuring 1080p HD resolution and 2-way audio.  Now you can leave your children in their playroom and head to the kitchen to start dinner, but rest assured they’re safe because you’re able to literally watch them.  Mini+ also offers built-in Smart Motion Detection, sending alerts to your smartphone or tablet if you also decided to utilize it as an in-home security device.  Finally, every video is encrypted directly on the camera and securely streamed by SSL to a cloud or chosen device.  It’s extremely safe and perfect to include throughout your home, including in your playroom.