Christmas Decorations Get a Digital Facelift

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Christmas Decorations Get a Digital Facelift

There are many traditions that help get us in the holiday spirit—everything from the red Christmas cups at Starbucks to seeing Santa dressed up at the mall, but nothing seems to put us in the holiday spirit quite like Christmas lights.

You see them on all your neighbors’ bushes, in store fronts and on Christmas trees; In fact, Christmas lights have become such a fixture of the holiday season that many cities have entire ceremonies to commemorate the lighting of their tree, like the one in New York City scheduled tonight. That tree is 85 feet tall and weighs over 13 tons. It is so big that it takes 45,000 LED lights to decorate their iconic tree!

As you get ready to deck your halls, put your technology to work, even using some “smart” decorations, to get you in the spirit this year.

Smart Holiday decorations

Smart appliances have become more and more popular over the years, and it’s finally bleeding over into Christmas decorations too. LumenPlay has developed a strand of LED lights that are controlled by an app on your phone that allows you to customize the color and effect of your lights. You can even set them to play along to a sound track or create a personalized light show.

Want to use the lights you already have? You can create your own smart Christmas lights by plugging them in to your WeMo. You control the WeMo from your phone and can set a custom schedule so you never have to worry about remembering to turn your lights on or off.

The Whitehouse goes high tech

For the first time ever, the Whitehouse is turning up their tech this holiday with several digital innovations in their holiday decor. The Smithsonian recently reported that the Whitehouse will display several trees with custom light shows designed by young girls from across the country who are learning to code. There will also be ornaments created from 3D printers and robotic versions of the first family’s dogs, Sunny and Bo.

What are your tips and tricks for holiday decorations? Share your tech secrets below.