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Declutter your Vacation: Turning your Smartphone into your Digital Travel Bag

It’s summertime, and that means you and your family or friends are ready for a well-deserved vacation. While trip planning and plotting can be tiresome, your mobile phone can actually turn into your most important travel accessory: a digital travel bag. That means leaving behind your paper boarding passes, maps, travel guides, cameras, iPod and books. Instead, pack light with the ultimate travel companion, your smartphone.

Keeping it all Together

77% of travelers say their phone is either very or extremely important to have while traveling. To keep your trip organized and running smoothly, apps like Apple’s Passbook can keep things like boarding passes, confirmation numbers or itineraries stored securely in one place.

How to get where you are going

Remember way back when you had to pull out an actual map to figure out how to get somewhere? Those days are over thanks to handy mobile map apps that make getting around unfamiliar cities easy. Over 45 percent of travelers look to map apps likes the ones from Apple and Google to provide turn-by-turn spoken directions for travel by foot or car, which makes staying on track during vacation stress-free. There are also public transportation apps that can quickly let you know when your next train or bus is arriving – how easy is that?

Travel Guide

Exploring a new city is very exciting; however, with all the different attractions, deciding where to go can be stressful! When looking for museums, restaurants or other places of interest while on vacation, using internet browser apps like SafariChrome or Firefox can help steer you in the right direction. Apps like YelpFoursquare and Urbanspoon can also help make choosing where to visit in a city easier by providing user ratings and reviews so you can be as informed as possible.

Capturing Memories

Nearly 70% of travelers use their smartphone to take photos while on vacation. Naturally, people also want to share their travel experiences – 45% of travelers do—with their friends and families in real-time, so posting photos to InstagramFacebook or Twitter can help you stay connected with them no matter where you are.

Staying Entertained

Even on the most exciting vacation, you want some down time to just listen to music or find something to read. In fact, 45% of vacationers use their phones to listen to music and nearly 25% use them to read e-books. Thanks to music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora, you have instant access to millions of songs that can keep you entertained for hours. Looking for a new book to read? Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks apps help you find something good to read no matter where you are.

Since your smartphone is your best travel accessory, remember to ask your wireless carrier about getting the most comprehensive coverage available for your device.