Ding Dong Ditch is Dead: What We Love About Smart Doorbells

Tech Tips

The humble doorbell –a simple concept that’s been around since 1817 –is getting a big makeover thanks to the Connected Home movement. Gone are the days of needing to get up to see who’s at the door or missing important deliveries when you’re not at home. Now you can know when someone’s at your front door (sometimes before they even ring the doorbell) through your smartphone or tablet. Man, we love technology.

Below are two options to take your doorbell from ding dong dumb to savvy & smart.


While the Doorbot offers the same functionality as many of the other smart doorbells on the market, it does have one advantage: it can be hard wired or run on a rechargeable Lithium battery that lasts 12 months. This makes for very easy installation. The Doorbot connects to multiple smartphones and tablets at a time through your personal WiFi network. The security camera has night vision capabilities and an adjustable head, making it a great addition to your home’s security system day or night. Price: $199 App Platforms: iOS, Android


The Skybell allows multiple users to see who is at your door even if they don’t ring the bell. This WiFi enabled doorbell includes a movable camera as well as night vision to see who is at the door in the dark. Soon you’ll also be able to see a live video feed of what is happening near your front door at any time. Price: $199 App Platforms: iOS, Android

Both devices offer increased security, convenience and peace of mind.  They also make it easy to spot the delivery man leaving a package or catch a few pranking neighbors in a game of ding dong ditch!

Do you have a smart doorbell? Tell us what you like about it below.