Hottest Games for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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Hottest Games for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

It’s the season to go shopping, and with that comes new gaming consoles, which means new video games for your kids this holiday season. Last week, PlayStation launched its new PS4 console, and its rival, Microsoft is launching its new Xbox One today.

When you are out shopping and getting the new PS4 or Xbox One for your kids, do not be fooling into thinking it stops there, what about the games? Don’t miss out on the most popular, anticipated new games. We’ve done our homework and rounded up the hottest games on the market.

Here are a few tips before picking up the most popular games of this holiday season: 

1. Make sure you know which game console your son/daughter has or wants (if they are getting the new PS4 or Xbox One) 
2.If you are buying them a game for the PS4 for example, make sure it is a PS4 game, not PS3, as some people may say they look similar
3. Make sure the game you’re purchasing matches the maturity level of your child. The games will come with a rating, similar to that of movies, to help you decide if it’s appropriate.
4. Lastly, do note some games are made exclusively for either PlayStation or Xbox

The hottest games of the 2013 Holiday Season:

Hottest Games

Overall, you cannot go wrong with any of these games. Even better, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts happened to be made for both consoles. That said, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has been wildly popular making Black Flag for the PS4 a huge hit. As for the Xbox One, Destiny seems to be a great substitution for those Halo fans out there, and would be a perfect gift for Xbox lovers.

In the end, try and listen to what your family members are asking for. You can find extensive selections of these games at all major retailers, many of which will be running Black Friday deals to help you stretch your gifting budget even further this holiday.