How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

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Many of us start out with great intentions when it comes to monitoring our kids’ use of the Internet. We imagine we’ll sit right beside our kids every time they go online. And we do, at first. But very quickly, our kids get comfortable with technology, and we get busy. And we’ve never seen them do anything that concerns us. So we stop paying quite so much attention….

Online Parental Control Stats by Asurion

But inappropriate content is never more than a click away online. And with a recent survey showing that many kids use technology 3.5 hours every day, the issues are real. In fact, *59% of 10-year-olds are already using social networks. More than *75% of children aged 10-12 have posted personal information online.

With all this access, your kids are very likely to be exposed to information you don’t want them to see. So what to do?

  • Be sure to properly monitor your children’s online use. Use the tools and apps they use, friend them, check in on what they post and receive, and talk to them regularly about what they see and how to respond.Monitoring is truly important in efforts to keep your kids safe online.
  • Have a device contract for your kids. This simple agreement lays down the rules and responsibilities for your children.
  • Take seriously your responsibility to teach your kids about safe technology use. There’s no substitute for sitting with your kids, talking through what you find online, and helping them think through their choices.
  • Get help from Tech Help. Asurion can connect you with parental controls that keep your kids safe, no matter what devices they use. We can help you set up time limits, spending limits, and monitor the content your children see online.

Note: Asurion protection plan members may upgrade their coverage to access Tech Help benefits. Features vary by carrier. Check with your provider to see what is included.

*Asurion 2016 Survey