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How to Organize Your Kids’ Sports Gear

Your kids do it all: baseball, basketball, swimming, soccer, and more. And that means they collect it all: cleats, balls, bats, jerseys, and a lifetime supply of those little white socks. As for organizing it all? The trick is to break it down into sections of the house. Here’s your game plan.

In the Garage
While bike racks come in tons of shapes, sizes, and price points, all of them free up valuable floor space, meaning they’re a worthy investment. If you’re just looking to get the job done—no frills needed—a simple solo bike rack like this Racor model works wonders. Meanwhile, a more handsome version doubles as a wooden shelf (and, considering its handsomeness, could easily be used inside the house). And, as there is with most things in life, there’s also a DIY version; this one involves stuff you might find around your house, like hooks, spray paint, and a bunch of nails.

Assorted balls, hockey sticks, bats, and rackets
For easy access to the most frequently used gear, open storage is the way to go. Tall wire baskets will de-clutter an already crowded garage in addition to looking pretty cool, too. If you have multiple kids—meaning multiple sets of equipment—you might need to haul in a bigger setup. This universal organizer from the Organization Store will neatly stash balls, helmets, skates, and whatever else your family’s various sports teams require.

In the Mudroom
Mudrooms are supposed to get dirty—hello, “mud” is in their name!—but that doesn’t mean the area has to be a complete mess. Jen of the blog iHeartOrganizing constructed a multi-part storage catchall for her entryway: The bottom consists of three bins for cleats and sneakers, built into a bench that doubles as a shelf. In the middle are three hooks for bags, jackets, and other hang-able items. And at the top are cubes for storing any gear you don’t want to leave in the garage. The whole thing is so genius, we wish we would’ve thought of it ourselves. Check out Jen’s easy instructions here.

In the Bedroom
Jerseys, shorts, T-shirts, too many pairs of gym socks to count—where does it all go? The key is to separate athletic apparel from everyday clothes (e.g., designate a pile of folded practice tees and a pile of folded weekend tees). This allows for easier access when the fam is running late for practice or on game day. Oh, and a tip for all those socks: Stick with folding each pair rather than balling them up, as the latter method strains the elastic in the ankle.

No list of sports gear is complete without trophies, plaques, medals, and other mementos from each season. Whether your kid has racked up a grand total of one or is approaching double digits, he or she should be proud of those accomplishments! A dedicated shelf works just fine—don’t forget to incorporate the rest of the team, as in this tutorial from interior design blog The Yellow Cape Cod. Overachievers, on the other hand, might need an entire dedicated wall.