How to Organize Your Tech

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How to Organize Your Tech

Remember when you were growing up and “cleaning the house” meant dusting the furniture and, if you were feeling ambitious, vacuuming the carpet? Those simple times are long gone—now our homes are overflowing with electronics, portable devices, and an exponential number of accompanying cords. Luckily, there are tons of easy ways to reduce all that technology clutter. Read on for our trusty tips.

De-clutter The Jumble of Devices

Smartphones, tablets, iPods—the more people in your house, the more devices and accessories there are hanging out on every empty surface. Keep them all in one easily accessible spot, tucked in a cool-looking holder or basket, and let them charge the hours away while not in use.

We like this ecofriendly bamboo charging station from Great Useful Stuff and this handsome Griffin Technology PowerDock, which you can nestle up to five iOS products into. Feeling hands-on? Take a stab at this DIY charging station that’s crafted from a spare breadbox.

Simplify Your Entertainment System

Another key area to tackle is your entertainment center—specifically, the black hole of a space behind it. In addition to cleaning out the cobwebs and dust bunnies, all those assorted wires should be tamed as much as possible. To start, unplug everything. If you have so many cords back there that you might not remember which one goes where, grab a set of cable labels (like these creative ones) and mark them up.

Now, separate the power cables (what juices your TV, DVD player, stereo, etc.) from all the other auxiliary cords and plug them all into a power strip—you can’t go wrong with one that pivots, like this Quirky surge protector —and then plug in all other devices accordingly, tying up slack or loose cables with Velcro. Easy enough, right?

Make Your Workspace Immaculate

Whether you work from home or just fire up your computer when it’s time to pay the bills or do taxes, a clean workspace is crucial. Like with your entertainment center, the cords (for your PC, laptop, tablet, headphones, speakers, etc.) are usually the root of the problem; with a desk space, it’s a bit harder to hide the clutter, so you might want to opt for organizers that are made to be seen.You can go with sleek or quirky/cute solutions.

Another tip: If you work off a tablet, you can use the adjustable Tablet Tail Monkey Kit to turn it into gravity-defying, hands-free screen while you scribble down notes.