How to Tidy Up the Apps on Your Phone

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How to Tidy Up the Apps on Your Phone

Has this ever happened to you? You get a brand-new smartphone. It’s a clean slate of modern technology. You get excited and download a few apps. Then a friend tells you about some cool games. Then you get several apps to help you with work. Then you go on a road trip and download several travel apps. Then—where the heck is your email again?

Maybe it’s just us, but it might be time for a quick tidy-up.

Both iOS and Android make it easy to get organized, collecting apps in folders or even deleting the ones you don’t need anymore. After all, the point of all this technology was to make our lives more organized and efficient. Do yourself a solid and organize your smart phone apps today!

To organize the apps in your iOS:

  1. Hold finger down on any app
  2. All apps will start to “wiggle.” Don’t freak out! That wiggling means you can now move your apps around.
  3. To create new groupings of apps—Games, Travel, Financials, Kids—simply hover one icon over another to create a folder. Add apps to an existing folder by dragging the icon onto an existing folder.
  4. You can rename folders in this mode as well. Simply tap on the folder name and edit as desired.
  5. Click the Home button to save your changes and close edit mode.

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To organize the apps in your Android (based on Lollipop OS on Samsung, other versions may differ slightly):

  1. Hold your finger down on any application on the screen. This will make the screen go into Edit Mode.
  2. You can now move your apps around at will, drag unwanted apps to the trash and even add widgets.
  3. At the bottom you will see the option for wallpapers, widgets, and home screen settings, which allow you to further customize your phone’s efficiency.

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