Personalizing Tech Support

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Personalizing Tech Support

When you think of tech support, you probably think of a service you can use when something goes wrong with your device – which is technically true. But in a fast changing world, getting support for your device only when something has already gone wrong just won’t cut it. What if your tech advisor was always there by your side, available to help you when there’s a problem but also there to help you get more out of your device when everything is working just fine?

With an expected 30 billion “connected things” by 2020* and in a time where 1 in 3 smartphone customers requires help or has a how-to question at least once a month*, technical support is a necessary and important service.

But good support is hard to find. And to really provide the best experience to mobile users, a service that combines support and protection into one intuitive platform, with prevention and education at its core, can have a significant, positive impact on a user’s mobile life.

As you use your phone in your day to day life, you may start experiencing annoying issues like a fast-draining battery, or perpetually full storage on your device. You might also have how-to questions or curiosities about features or things you can do with your device. These issues or questions won’t necessarily be bothersome enough to call a tech advisor, but they’re definitely frustrating and impact your tech happiness

Our tech experts are here to give a personalized and proactive experience in which more frequent, less urgent issues are addressed before they become a problem. Tips on how to solve these pesky issues with recommended actions, and educational emails and guides with insights and facts specific to your device can help you enjoy your technology and get more out of your device. Of course, when a more serious problem does arise, a tech advisor is always just a click away to help you resolve the issue.

Traditional and reactive tech support is no longer relevant to the growing and evolving needs of mobile users. That’s why we’ve combined support and protection to help you when things go wrong and educational insights to help you enjoy your technology even more when nothing is wrong provides a better mobile experience for users.

*IDC Survey