Smart Students Use Smart Apps

Tech Tips

Now that school is back in session, your free time is increasingly more valuable (and scarce), so it’s important to maximize the things you carry with you everywhere- like your phone! Here are some must have apps every student needs:

iStudies Pro: Instead of carrying a bulky planner to all your classes, why not organize yourself on your phone? You have it with you anyways, and it allows you to keep everything in one place- even a reminder for that “study date” with your cute lab partner Tuesday night (as if you need a reminder!) No matter what, this app makes sure you are always on your game.

Evernote: Ditch the heavy notebooks you used to take notes in high school and use your laptop instead. You can keep everything neat and organized during class, then easily move all your notes to the cloud, where you can access them anywhere. This app is also great for safely storing passwords, bike lock combinations and more!

Mobile Security App: You may not realize it, but your phone houses a ton of information. Just think of all your contacts, pictures, videos and even financial information you use for online banking or shopping from your cell. Now imagine losing all of that- talk about a nightmare!

So be smart and protect your stuff. Most phone carriers offer security apps for free or for a low monthly rate, that can back up all your information and alert you at the first sign of malware on your phone. No matter which app you decide on, the peace of mind knowing your stuff is protected is well worth it!

Maps: I am the world’s worst with directions, so driving 325 miles home for Thanksgiving break my freshman year was quite a daunting task. My Maps app totally came to the rescue and navigated me home safely. This app was also great in helping me learn my way around my new college town. It showed where to find the best restaurants, the grocery store, and the movie theater- helping me feel at home right away.

So find some time somewhere between packing up all your belongings and registering for your first semester of classes to peruse these apps. Trust me, it’s worth the 3 seconds it will take to download!