Support and Protection for Your Phone: Better Together

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Support and Protection for Your Phone: Better Together

You know the feeling. You buy the latest and greatest smartphone to hit the streets only to open it and realize it’s totally different than your old phone and you have no idea how it works. Whether it’s a technical problem or a how-to question about your device, these issues arise at least once a month for smartphone users¹. It can happen to the best of us.

Why Support?
When you first get that new smartphone, you may have challenges with things like setting up your device, optimizing the settings, syncing content from your old phone and transferring all your apps. You may also wonder about your phone’s battery life, whether or not to migrate to a new operating system or stay with the one you know and how to optimize your network speed.

The latest technology can simplify your life and keep you on top of things, but many people only use a subset of their phone’s overall capabilities².

This is where techy advice and how-to’s come in handy. Soluto puts the knowledge base of thousands of users to work and brings the insights to you by sending regular communications, personalized to you and your phone, to help maximize your experience.

Why Protection?
The more you use your phone, the more central it is in your life. It becomes the hub for your communications, banking and entertainment needs. Hackers know this and try to take advantage of your personal information by creating malware that can go undetected by low-level security software. At the same time, some apps are built to extract your personal data, which they collect when you use their app and then sell it to third parties. With all this activity, malware or breaches of privacy are a looming threat if you don’t protect against it.

Better Together
With the cost of new high-end phones nearing $1,000, it truly is an investment. With so much functionality on your phone, do you really want to use just a portion of its capabilities when you’ve paid for access to all of them or put your personal information at risk when surfing the web? Combining support and protection in one easy service helps you maximize and protect your mobile experience so you get the most out of it. Learn more at

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