Tech Tips

The Smarter Way to Secure your Home

The great thing about home security systems is that they’re getting smarter, and even easier to manage. If you don’t already have one, now is the perfect time to set up your smart home security system. Advances in technology have made these systems easier than ever to set up and the expanding list of features makes using a smart security system the obvious choice for protecting your home.

Plus, with summer just around the corner, chances are you’ll be away from home more often, making it even more important to make sure your home (and everything inside it) is protected. Here are a few security systems we like because they are easy to set up, can be monitored remotely and won’t blow your budget.

Piper Home Security ($199)

The Piper is a Wi-Fi enabled system that keeps you one step ahead with some pretty impressive features, including: HD panoramic video, a siren, a motion detector, 2-way audio, environmental sensors, customized alerts, and home automation. With Piper, there’s no service contract, monthly fee or installation. Once it’s up and running, you’ll have a complete view of the security situation in your home, via your smartphone, no matter where you are.

The Piper app offers fully customizable security alerts based on your level of concern. You can ask it to tell you “the front door was opened” or “motion was detected”. You can establish situational rules, too. For example, if motion is detected in your home, video will automatically record. The Piper even gets along well with other technology, integrating with smart devices (like all of your Z-Wave products) to give you a holistic view of everything going on in your home.

Tattletale Portable Alarm System ($339)

What makes the Tattletale awesome is that it is completely portable, plus it’s wireless so you can pack it up and take it along on vacation or when you move to a new house or apartment. It takes 60 seconds to install and you can control it remotely with a keyfob and get alerts on your phone.

There are over 50 sensors users can integrate into their completely customizable system including smoke, motion, door and glass-break sensors. They’ve taken other things into account like a pet button that allows your pets to roam the house without setting off any false alarms. There’s also a hot button that will monitor “high target” areas like a gun safe or your child’s windows even if the Tattletale is disarmed.

Skylink Connected Home Alarm Starter Kit ($149.99)

Skylink lets you protect your home with a smart system you can control from anywhere. Arm and disarm your alarm through the Skylink app, get push notifications when sensors are triggered and see a live view of your home at any time all from your phone. The system also comes with a keychain remote, perfect for kids or grandparents, that lets users arm/disarm the alarm and press the panic button if there’s an emergency and they aren’t near a phone. The live video monitoring built in to the system also provides 2-way audio and can support up to 10 wireless cameras.

Expanding your system is easy, and there are several options. Use your security system to automate your home by turning lights and appliances on/off straight from the app. Simply integrate the HomeControl Receivers into your system and you’re set. You can also get a garage keypad, solar outdoor sirens, outdoor cameras, water leak sensors and more.