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The Top 5 Best Sports Apps

With football season upon us, make sure you have your own game plan in order to keeping on top of the scores, statistics, and developments. Take a look at some of our top apps for sports updates, and you’ll be ready for a winning performance this season.

Football Updates

NFL Mobile App
NFL Sports Mobile App

Hey, if it’s NFL teams and players you’re interested in, why not go to the source? The National Football League’s free mobile app is packed with cool features like breaking news, top stories, and league stats. It’s also a great way to stay-up-to-date during the offseason.

ESPN Fantasy Football App
ESPN Mobile App

(Android and iOS)
What makes the ESPN Fantasy Football app amazing is the sheer amount of stuff it offers, all absolutely free. Create fantasy teams and leagues, customize your fantasy team logo, practice your skills in a mock draft, get the live feed of all NFL games thanks to FantasyCast, and receive important news and updates from the most trusted source in sports.

All Sports

CBS Sports
CBS Sports App

Stay on top of developments in the NFL—as well as all other major sports—with the latest updates, scores, stats, tweets and push notifications on your favorite teams with the free CBS Sports app. And if you love radio, the CBS Sports app lets you live-stream sports radio 24/7, enabling you to listen in with sports gurus like Jim Rome, John Feinstein, and Doug Gottlieb.

Team Stream by Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report Mobile App

Boasting the fastest notifications of any sports app and offering news, scores, and stats updates across all major league sports, Bleacher Report’s Team Stream app also offers curated info from your favorite newspapers, websites, blogs, and Twitter accounts. And it’s free.

Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Sports App

Yahoo recently rebranded and relaunched its Sportacular family of sports-related mobile apps into the new Yahoo Sports app. With up-top-the-second updates on scores and developments, the free app also offers player statistics at the granular level. You can also customize your Yahoo Sports notifications to alert you to game schedules and nailbiter situations.

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