Tips to Make Holiday Travel Easier

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Tips to Make Holiday Travel Easier

Holiday travel—especially around Thanksgiving—separates the truly travel savvy from the amateurs. We’re here to make your travel day easier. With these tips, you’ll be the savviest traveler in the train, plane, or automobile.

  1. Keep your phone alive with Low Power Mode. A day full of using your phone for travel purposes can take a toll on your battery, especially when Wi-Fi is limited. Prepare for later and put your phone on Low Power Mode.  Here’s how on iPhone: Tap Open Settings> Battery>Lower Power Mode ON.  And remember, your mail and apps will refresh less frequently, so double-check if you’re expecting anything important.
  2. When you’re planning a flight, check out Seat Guru (Android and iOS) before you choose your seat. The app knows all the details about individual airplanes—like which seats can’t recline or are annoyingly close to the galley.
  3. GateGuru (Android and iOS) tracks flight times and gate locations, but it also throws in airport weather patterns and airport amenities near your gate.
  4. Where’s your car? Don’t forget to snap a picture of your parking spot, including the garage floor or level.
  5. Flight canceled? Or maybe you’re driving and decide to stop for the night instead of pushing on through? Try HotelTonight (Android and iOS), which specializes in last-minute hotel bookings and (possible) deals.

We hope these tips reduce your stress and make your holiday travel season the smoothest ever!

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