Top 25 Password Fails of 2013

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Top 25 Password Fails of 2013
Worst Passwords of 2013

Only 50% of Americans password-protect their phones, which means there’s a lot of information out there just waiting to be stolen.

This includes more than just the device itself. Think of all the valuable information you keep on your phone: banking information, emails, photos, contacts and more. Without a password, that information could land in the hands of a hacker before you even realize it’s gone.

SplashData recently analyzed user data pulled from millions of stolen passwords posted online in 2013, revealing the worst passwords of the year.

Did yours make the list?

1. 123456
2. password
3. 12345678
4. qwerty
5. abc123
6. 123456789
7. 111111
8. 1234567
9. iloveyou
10. adobe123
11. 123123
12. admin
13. 1234567890
14. letmein
15. photoshop
16. 1234
17. monkey
18. shadow
19. sunshine
20. 12345
21. password1
22. princess
23. azerty
24. trustno1
25. 000000

If you spotted your password on the list above, here are a few tips to help make your passwords foolproof:

Don’t be obvious.

That means no birthdays, home addresses, names of family members or pets.

Mix it up.

Use a combination of numbers, punctuation marks and letters, including upper and lower case characters.

Don’t repeat.

Avoid using the same passwords across all your devices and programs. You don’t want to give away the keys to the kingdom in one fell swoop!
You can even go one step further and let the security experts protect your devices and data for you. A good protection plan covers your device in the event it’s broken, water damaged, lost or stolen and lets you back up and protect all the information inside your device.